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I wish all of my readers and fellow blogger's the best NEW YEAR! May all your wishes come true! 

I was always kinda emotional for New Year, but not this time for some reason! I am so ready for a NEW and EXITING year ahead. There are so many possibilities and opportunities ahead for all of us! May this 2012 year be FULL of NEW&FRESH possibilities!!! 

Below are some pictures I took while spending quality time with loved one. It was so crowded. I am very claustrophobic and I get very stressed when there are so many people. So we took some pictures for memory and left. We had fun that's all that matters! But NYC is GORGEOUS future holiday season. If you even get a chance to visit NYC visit during Holiday Season (My suggestion at the very beginning of it, when there are not so many people) the weather was great not too cold just perfect! I also took some videos clips, I will include them in my "Real Talk Episode" that will go live in new year!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and enjoy your family on this NEW YEARS Celebration.



Coming Soon Movies,

Movie Night's

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Take time to enjoy your days off the WAY YOU WANT TO!!

Thank You Jesus For Relaxing Days Like This

I have couple off to do (what ever I want) I decided I need to catch up on some movies that I have heard so much about. I watched"From NADA to PRADA" movie and let me tell you! LOVE IT If you love fashion and you like me you believe in miracles than this movie will be for you.


I also have couple of movies that I am going to watch in these days off that I have. I heard so much buzz bout them.


Yes, I NEVER had seen "Breakfast At Tiffany's" don't ask why I just never did. This is my time to catch up with what others buzz about this movie and why its such a "Historic" movie.

I hope you guys are having a great rest of the week, me and Keylana are going for a little walk because its FREEZING out side (she needs so fresh air) and than I need to run to post office to mail some packages. Than I have all night to watch my movies with HOT COCO!!

I want to remind you my loves, the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY is still on! ENTER HERE 



My Favorite Winter's Products

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Winter is long and it's here to stay for a while, lets make the best of it

I am so HAPPY to be home with my little munchkin. I wasn't able to spend Christmas Day with Keylana, so today I am taking full day off to sit behind my computer and watch some movies while Keylana is on my lap sleeping.... 

she is soooo precious!!!

I got a chance to edit a video, its LIVE now so check it out! I hope all of you are having a Blessed last week of the year!!! 



It Was A Very Merry Christmas Day!!!

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The gifts and bright decorations will soon be put away. Yet the love in which they’re shared will continue to grow even stronger.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
I hope all of you got what you asked for as presents!!!

I didn't ask for anything special this year, but I got few things that are I will cherish for long long long time. Keylana got spoiled by my mommy&aunti. I will show you guys later, she will model for you. Below are few pictures I decided to share with you.  I also gave you a sneak peak at  my home decor. I am all about the Holidays and decor. My ornaments each have a HUGE meaning. Keylana has a CONE on her head, because she got neutered a week ago, she is doing GREAT
Thank You Jesus! 







Nail Care And Designs

Nail Care Necessities - How To Take Care Of Your Nails

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Give graciously....Receive gratefully.


I love love love doing my own nails, I used to go get my nails done ones a week, I realized how much $$$ I was spending and I said, I will learn how to do everything myself!!! Lucky me I did!!! In the video you will see what I use up to date to get my nails looking GORGE!! 



Preparing For Holidays

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May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.

"I missed you!!!!"

I've been so busy lately, (Very THANKFUL&GRATEFUL)\

How is your Christmas Shopping going? Don't let me started on that topic. But I will tell you this. This year I decided not to stress, because some of the stuff I will be giving was bought through out the year!!!!! YEP, this saved me from running around in stores buying what ever catches my eyes, saved me from long, long, long [talking about BAD economy] lines at stores, and all that time wasted. I just got few things today and my list is DONE! I also asked everything what they wanted, this is so much easier and everyone is happy because they will get what they not only want but also need. SMART RIGHT!!!!

I HOPE you ENTERED my HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY [Ending January 15th] Don't ask me, but I picked that date!

So.... in the mean time I wanted to share with you Keylana's AFTER MATH of BATHING!
[she is no walking around the warm&cozy room sniffing stuff, ohh puppies....we will never understand you....]

I snap some pictures while she was drying herself, yep she is a big girl now....I remember those days when I had to hold her in my hands and dry her, she all grown up now. She is my JOY. After drying we[KEYLANA, I was in PJ's all over the floor trying to be a mommyphotog] got dressed&took some Holiday Pictures are Christmas Tree.


Its now 10:57PM and I am soon going to bed, enjoy the pictures and to let you guys know of whats coming up next in future posts....

Cleaning My Face Brushes
Fake Bake winter Glowing Skin (Product Review)
My FAMOUS Honey Marinated Chechen
Outfit Posts
Winter Favorites
Nail Care Necessaries
...and many more!


Bloggers Contest,


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I am so excited, HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY is LIVE now. All the rules are in the video and also on the YOUTUBE video page INFO: Box. Make sure to read all the rules before you enter!

For blogger, you can comment below with the accessory you liked. Make sure to share this giveaway with your friends and family!


My Every Day Life,

Super Busy....

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No Excuses, Just Honest Truth!

Hey Dolls, I am super busy now days. This is why I haven't been posting its about 12AM and my bed is calling me. I managed to film few videos since I knew I will be busy for the next week or so. I have a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY coming up. I tried to upload the video today, but YOUTUBE wasn't taking it! Don't they know there people are busy!!???

Below is my recent video, i came across this website that shows "TOP MOST EXPENSIVE CELL PHONES"!!! How CRAZY are the PRICES???...enjoy! 


All About Hair And Hair Products,

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I am typing this post I am listening to the Song "DANCE FOR YOU" I cant I love that song its sooo SEXYYY. Ladies it's perfect to re-created the dance for your other half!!! 

Since I am not gonna film re-created dance from the video, I re-created the Hair Tutorial! I was so inspired, her hair was so perfect. I hope you guys like my Inspired Hair Tutorial.  I love love love Beyonce Videos they are so original and just perfect! Do you guys get it yet? I adore Beyonce for her beauty and talent! This hair would be perfect for the upcoming holidays!

I wish YOUTUBE would allow to use the ORIGINAL song, it would be perfect for the tutorial, but ohh well. I think the music I added is also good. I hope you like the video.....Make sure to WATCH in HD for better quality! 


Gift Ideas,

How To Shop Safely & On A Budget On E-Bay

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It is 1:48AM and I am just about to go to bed. I have to wake up at 7:30AM. I spend most of my evening finding a formatting program to format ThanksGiving pictures I took, because my camera for some reason decided to change the pictures format which my computers don't accept. How NOT cool...

Anyway I ended up finding a good converting program and in the end I uploaded a different video than I originally wanted to upload. ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ON THIS ONE? I know I sound very confusing, but its so late so bare with me. 

Keylana is laying next to me and looking at me like "Mommy lets go to sleep!" How cute is she? I hope you guys enjoy the video I did for you guys. I love E-Bay for the prices you can get things, but like in life you have to be cautious and pay attention when you place a bid or purchase anything. In the video i let you guys know my TIPS on shopping SAFE on E-Bay. If you have any TIPS your self I would LOVE to hear them and use them!!!



Make Up Tutorial,

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Review

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Easy Breezy Neutrogena Healthy Lashes Volume Girl


  I dont believe in buying department store mascara. Since 3 or 4 months later I will throw it out and get a new one. So since last year I bean experimenting mascaras each and ever time i got a new brand of mascara from retail stores (Walmart, Target...etc.) The last purchase I decided to give Neutrogena brand a try ( I had a coupon!!! That's the main reason) Any whooooo, I fell in love. Watch video below for a quick DEMO and REVIEW!!!




Very Thankful....

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Gratitude: A lively sense of future benefit.

I am beyond THANKFUL this year!

I am thankful for......

My&My family health
My Significant other/My Other Half
My most adorable puppy Keylana Noel
My/Our Family 4 cats
My education
My Blog and YouTube
My Beautiful Supportive Subscribers&Followers
My cup of coffee I have before I start my day
My Laptop that I adore and treat like a diamond ring
My planner that keeps me organized
My favorite coupon websites
...and many more other things, but I dont want to bored you.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I woke up early today to finish my TO DO LIST so I can have free Thanksgiving Weekend. I did food shopping early this morning, because I know tonight and tomorrow the lines will be HUGE. I also took Keylana for a walk and guess what? IT STARTED RAINING HARD! We went home and I gave my little monkey bath and a treat for being a good girl. She is so cute with her little bow now running around playing with her toys. (Boy she had many)

Now on my TO DO LIST all I have is vacuum and wrap a Thanksgiving present for my good family friend. Cooking is tomorrow, I am making my famous....

"STUFFED PEPPERS" [Turkey&Rise Mix Stuffed Inside a Pepper & Cooked To It's PERFECTION] 
"HEAVENLY EGGS" [ Eggs Boiled & Eggs Yoke Mixed With Greek Yogurt& Mayo] 
"COCKTAIL CHERRY TOMATO POP"  [Cherry Tomatoes With Mozzarella Cheese In The Middle]
...and some other stuff!

Below pictures I took about two weeks ago or so, me and my family went for lunch since I love sushi we went to get some delicious sushi. The restaurant makes some amazing sushi rolls!!!!







How COOL is this car? I would love to take a ride in it! When  I seen the car I had to snap snap some pictures!!!!






I also uploaded a video two nights ago! Let me know what you think, many of you asked me to do my everyday getting ready! If you have any requests let me know!!!


My Every Day Life,

Real Talk: Episode #3 "Operation Christmas Child"

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Let's Catch Up....On What We Missed.

Yes, I am still sick. the flu is slowly going away. I had to take half the day off, because I don't want to go outside and get ever more sick. My significant other calls me a WORK-A-HOLIC. Even though I am not phisically going outside to get to my destination and perform my duties there. I work from home at home. I dont rest at all, I sleep and think of what I have to do when I wake up. I woke up today around 9AM and since then I've been working on something, finishing to do lists, cleaning, organizing, preparing, reading, writing, calling...etc. You get the point?! 

I wanted to post this post with a NEW Real Talk Video Episode #3, I have to say i like filming these little videos. They are quick and lets you guys know me little by little. 

My weekend was nothing special, I spend my Saturday and Sunday cleaning out my computer, going through so many pictures and videos. Ohh boyy I have tooo many pictures. I take pictures of everything. Duhhh. I found this cool program that finds double files ( You know sometimes you save something under one name in two different places & forget about it. Well that's me. So this program finds those double files and lets you delete the extra copy. Let me tell ya how much more space I have now...CNET Download and seach for "Double File remover" I read reviews and downloaded the one that sounded good based or review. 

I have so many video ideas to film, so stay tuned. Lots of product review & tutorials!



Real Talk: Episode #2 "Kim Kardashian Divorce - Fake Designer Bags"

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Kim Kardashian Divorce - Fake Designer Bags



First Halloween

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I know this is over due post, better late then never.

As you guys know this is Keylana's first HALLOWEEN and I wanted to play dress up. I didn't get dressed up, because I am not a Halloween Dress Up Person :( But Keylana is! So this year she got a Pumpkin Costume. how cute is she?!

I also wanted to include my pumpkin craving masterpiece! Can you believe this is my first time EVER doing this? Yes, I know it seems like a job done by a PRO. Okey, let me stop.

Enjoy the picture, It's Friday and I am in bed typing this post. I got soar throat so my best friend are the meds that I am taking and HOT Ginger Tea. Which i recommend to everyone as soon as you feel soar throat coming, hot tea with little-bit of honey is your BFF!

My MASTER Creation!
She didnt know what those were, she got scared. Look at that face!


How cute is my little munchkin!
I need a treat for putting up with all of this DRESS UP!
Mommy what is this?
Ohh Yeahhhh...Now I am at your service!
Mommy know how crazy I am for BACON