Merry Christmas

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Hi all,

I am still here. I didn't forget about my blog or YouTube. Life have been very busy. I will be back in few months to part time blogging #forsho

Hope you all are having great holiday.h


VOTE FOR ME! First Impression | Pond's BB+ Cream I GIVEAWAY!

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 Hey guys,

I entered the POND'S contest, I will appreciate you guys voting for me! More detailed POND'S review coming soon with lots of pictures!


HERE is my detailed firm impressions, review coming soon!



Stuffed Pastry

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I love cooking, its in my blood! My parents always cooked a home made meal! I dont know what it feels like not to know how to cook! I am not saying cooking liek a pro. but making things like different kinds of soups, fish, meants...etc. 

 I will always stand by this quote!  "Every woman, should know how to cook." there is no excuses! 

Below is a recipe of stuffed pastry. I love this recipe, its easy, fast and you can customize it to your liking! You can stuff then with sweets stuff like jam or Nutella! Yam!

Enoy the pictures and make sure to watch a short video where me and cousin are showing you how we made it!

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Hi Loves,

Few weeks ago, I entered Simply Organized giveaway, and guess what? I WON! This is my first first first giveaway that I had won! Can you tell how exited I  am? Sam, was so sweet she added an extra goodie in the package!

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I've been wanting to try the AirWick products, but never got myself to purchasing. Now with all of these refills I am set for long time.

I want to thank you Sam sooooo much! I absolutely love your blog. Everyone, please show some love to her blog, she is great at organizing her home and may I mention *Coupon-ing* also! I am on her blog almost daily. 

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Make Up Tutorial,

Easy&Fast - Summer Time Make Up Routine- NATURAL LOOK

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Summer is HOT! Well, in NYC has some of the hottest days during July and August! 
foundation is a must for me, I found a way to minimize products I use on my face and keep my make up on longer before it starts to melt off!

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Nail Care And Designs,

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Demo/Review

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I LOVE nail polish! Simple as that! My aunt few months ago, gave me this Sally Hansen Magnitic Nail Polish to try! Watch my review and demo in this video!

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