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What can I say? Its been a while. Almost 1 year since I last posted anything on this blog. I had to step back from my hobbies which is making vidoes on youtube and blogging here.

I've been watching youtube videos and reading blogs from my fellow bloggers and I questioned my return here to blog since my work requires a lot of typing at the end of the day, I want nothing but to sit back with hot chocolate and watch youtube and TV.

Not until my recent issue with Groupon and 310 Nutrition, which made me question my decision not to blog. I had terrible experience which I wish someone blogged about before me purchasing and getting myself in this mess.

Its safe to say, I AM GOING TO RETURN TO BLOGGING. For now. I will only have one blog post every two weeks or 1x month.  Each post will be packed with life experience, review, advice, TIPS..etc. I will do my best not to disappoint your guys who stood by me.

For now I leave you with my video I recently filmed and uploaded to youtube.

1. Groupon Experience
2. 310 Nutrition Experience