How To Have A Great Day 5 Easy & Simple Steps

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Before there is a DAY there is MORNING. I LOVE MORNINGS, but I am not a morning person at all!

This is how I am working on being a morning person.

It’s a known FACT that early mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. I for example have been in the process of mastering few ways I can have a great day.

1.       Wake up EARLY- This is very difficult one for me. I LOVE to sleeeeeep. I however noticed that waking up early has sooo many benefits. I get things done earlier and able to enjoy longer day. It’s like faking that there is more hours in the day.
2.       Make you bed – How many of you heard this when you were growing up. I know I did. I have no idea what it is about making your bed that just sets the right tone for the whole day. I love the satisfaction I get when I come home after a day out and the bed is made.

3.       Take a moment - To appreciate your life. Five minutes is more than enough to just breathe in the fresh air and say your grace.

4.       Eat YOUR Breakfast- Nothing heavy or too light. Moderate breakfast or for me I have a protein shake. Eating your breakfast in the AM starts up your metabolism and gives you boost of energy.

5.       Exercise in the AM- Now I work two jobs and I balance my YOUTUBE & BLOGGING hobbies. I do my best to work out in the AM. I love the feeling of coming to work and your 20% is done already. I does not happen every day, but when I do work out in the AM it makes me feel simple incredible. 

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I am writing this post because I AM GUILTY of PROCRASTINATING! TO A MAX!

What inspired this post is honestly piles of folders and unsorted paper work I have had on my kitchen table (Follow me on INSTAGRAM to see a visual).

I like to think and believe that I am very organized individual since and I manage my time efficiently, however there are certain things that get PUSHED BACK day after day, month after month until I become frustrated and attend to it.

                                                          (Image taken from google and edited by me)

Below are 5 TIPS I want to share with you how to avoid procrastinating and getting things DONE!

1. Make a list. NOT A TO DO LIST- Make a list of everything that needs to be done for example in the house, car, at work, out and about errands, phone calls which need to be made..etc.

Example: Making a HOME LIST – Go to one part of the house like living room and stand in the middle, take a moment and look around. What needs to be done? What needs to be moved? What needs to be taken out or thrown out?  What needs to be purchased? Then proceed to the next room and room after. Follow these steps at work, car, errands, and phone calls...etc.

2. Make a TO DO LIST- Evaluate your list first.  Make a TO DO LIST, writer down from IMPORTANT to LEAST IMPORTANT things which need to be done.  SIMPLE as that.

3. Sort Tasks Out/LESS IS MORE- Take you planner you use or print out a weekly schedule on paper and sort out your TO DO LIST. Go easy with adding thing’s for your daily TO DO. The less you put each day the more motivated you will be to ACTUALLY DO IT!

4. Order Of Business- I don’t believe that you have to do what is most difficult first to move it out the way. My motto is; go in order of time.  Something that is hard can take less time then something that is easy. Evaluate your time and what fits that day and do accordingly.

5. Use RED Marker- Use Red Marker to cross out each things you completed! It gives your brain sense of satisfaction especially a bright red color and it motivates you to want to do the next task.


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You graduated, now what?

Yes, your collage degree sure looks good on that shelf! Your Family and you are proud of yourself and all that hard work FINALLY paid off! Now what?

Luckily, I didn't have to ask myself that question after 3 of my collage graduations. To better understand it, I will share my mini story and then give you 5 things I recommend to a recent college grad. 

- Since I can remember I was a hustler (Legal Hustler). I worked to save money and I knew a safe things for me to do is to finish my goal degree. This is to assure that once I moved out my parents’ house I moved out with a solid Master’s Degree.  I knew it will always be something I can fall back on at any time. No matter what job I get temporary, low salary or mid salary I would have a JOB. My degree was my security it was my EVERYTHING! I never wanted to have to move back to my parents’ house because something could go wrong or unplanned things happened and I was not able to afford paying my bills. BOY DID THINGS GO UNPLANNED, that's for another post. 

I took the more difficult route in my education life area, I went from one degree to the next year after year.

Associated degree: 3 years (I did two degrees in 3 years)
Bachelors 2 full years
Masters 1 full year.

Was it right? Was is wrong? I don't know. I feel it was right decision for me, because I am able to have a solid career and hold on to two jobs aside from YouTube&Blogging. I am able to pay my bills on MY OWN without having to ask for help from anyone nor my family. That made me proud, however there was major downside to pushing myself so hard. My anxiety became out of control and I gained significant amount of weight 30+ pounds. 

I was done with my education and was ready to transition to Adult Living. I moved out with at that time my BF and became impulsive buyer to decorate my home. I kept gaining weight, the stuff I was buying was supposed to help me feel better about myself and my life, but it did not at all. It made me feel worst. I was at a very low point in my life thinking why I am not happy I have everything I need. I was thinking that while I was consumed with things around which supposed to have made me happy, yet I was lost. I barely had time to cook, I had no time for myself to actually sit down and re-evaluate my life. 

Until unexpected happened. They say unexpected things help you more than break you. 

I was alone! I was sitting in my cluttered apartment with things that I bought since moving out and I was depressed. I didn't want anything or anyone. I then realized that I didn't know what I wanted I wanted to feel good and be happy and I didn't know how to go about it.

One things for sure my bills were paid because I had a job to rely on because of my degree. I made sure my bills all together were below my biweekly pay. I made sure I didn't rely on anyone to help me no matter how much they loved and cared for me. 

I am saying this to say...Make sure before you make any BIG decision about continuing college further or not, moving out before collage, during or after, make sure you are financially stable to take care of you if things go unplanned. 

Here is goes my....


1. Work Work Work - If you did not work during collage then find a job ASAP. Even if it’s part time. If you living home you should still motivate yourself to get up and go toward working daily or if you are entrepreneur start your business and put in that hard work
2. Take a breather- NO, not a month or two. A week or two is enough. Because if you keep putting off and off it will be more difficult for your to go back to work or continue your education.
3. If you don't have your masters and it’s something you want don't take a semester off. It will be so hard for you to get back to schooling.
4. Live with parents - I know, what you thinking you feel little freedom and financial stability and you are eager to move out. If family circumstances are not that bad and you can manage living and go to school then remain HOME. Don't move out just because you have AS or BA degree or even Master’s Degree. Make sure you have somewhat stable job which pays you enough to cover your bills including rent in two weeks so either two weeks you can save. 
5. SAVE SAVE SAVE- Save while you in school as much as you can, every dollar counts. Make sure to work on your credit and monitor it.