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Products I've Used Up - Empty Product - Products Review

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 Good Morning Dolls,

Starting this morning with FRESH NEW POST!!!!

I loved watching "Empty Products" videos on youtube and I was so exited to film one myself! I think these videos are the best when it comes to reviews because the products have been used up for several months and we are able to give a good review about it! I definitely trust these videos much more when I am researching about the a particular product of my interest.



HOW TO: Taking Care Of Flowers

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Hey Sugar Plums,

As I am typing this post, I am looking out the window and it;s CALM before the storm. The sky is gloomy and its windy!

As long as I can remember we always gifted flowers to family members on B-Day's or any other special occasions! During summer time, we always have flowers one or two vases full of gorgeous flowers! In my view flowers just add that special touch to the home. I grew up having flowers most of the time throughout the whole year!

I learned many different secrets about flowers, planing and taking care of it from my mommy, grandmother, and cousin. These secrets do work and I am so grateful that I know them and I can share them with you.


 photo IMG_9704_zpsec0d731d.jpg

 photo IMG_9700_zps921a73a6.jpg photo IMG_9712_zps44a2a91b.jpg

I change the water in the vase every 3 days or so.
I spray daily regular water to keep flowers hydrated, it keeps them stay fresh and beautiful longer. You can get the spay bottle anywhere, Wall mart, Michael's, Target...etc.

 photo IMG_9702_zps52b471f1.jpg

 photo IMG_9705_zps2212b653.jpg

 photo IMG_9708_zps40d26d25.jpg

 photo IMG_9711_zpsae726c53.jpg

I never asked why ice is important for ROSES, but I always put it in the vase daily!

 photo IMG_9713_zps73466dd1.jpg

 photo IMG_9729_zpsd7d7ea6f.jpg

 photo IMG_9715_zps7283f67c.jpg

 photo IMG_9716_zps30a22522.jpg

 photo IMG_9718_zps16906f37.jpg

 photo IMG_9720-1_zps4b9723fb.jpg

 photo IMG_9723_zpsc3d9d6b4.jpg

I cut once a week the stems each time shorter and shorter which rejuvenates and helps the flower stems observe the water they are in much better! 

 photo IMG_9725_zps743f6302.jpg

I hope you guys found this useful and till next post!



Sephora & Drugstore Haul - Must Have Products

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Hey Yall,

I am on a roll with my videos, this week I filmed 2 of them already!
In the video below, I show you guys what I had purchased over the past 3 months or so ( yeah I know, I am not a crazy shopper. I don't see point in it.) I buy make- up I can fully used and get every penny I spend out of it!



Pink Tree

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Hi love,

I have a BREAK! FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, this means I will get back to blogging and FILMING! I am so excited. I have so many things to share with you all!

I was over at mom's house last week and she I was not able to keep my eyes off one of her trees, ITS PINK! How can I not! I had to snap few pictures for memory and to share with you all!

P.S. I got highlights! Its been a year since I last highlighted my hair. It started to look like I had Ambre hair! I will do updated video and post talking about it and how I take care of my hair.

 photo IMG_0244_zpsc4c06a02.jpg photo IMG_0236_zps13690393.jpg



Quick Note....

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 photo 34c89d71-5e39-4c56-9063-3c36616b3782_zps7ea4edee.jpg

Good Morning Yall,

Its Monday, and this week is going to be the last super busy week until the September (I hope). I NEED A BREAK! I want to go back to blogging and stuff. I am in the process of editing "May Vlog" on YOUTUBE. Make sure you are subscribed to my YOUTUBE channel. 

About the picture above, isnt she CUTE? She is too adorable. She is growing to love showers. I filled up the tub little higher this time and guess what???? MY MONKEY POO, started to swim. Her first time swimming! YEY Keyla, YEY Me! 

If you noticed, I changed my blogger name from Stay Young Forever to As Told By Katherine. For many different reasons, such as, numerous people read my blog whom I don't want to read my blog, I wanted something better for user name, I wanted something new and fresh...etc. How do you like it, I LOVE it. 

Anyway, I am going to to walk Keyla now, for our daily walks and then off to the gym. Need to stay healthy!


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How To: Cover Cover Acne Pigmentation - Close To Flawless Foundation Coverage

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Good Morning Yall,

I am one of the billion people are are battling acne and the after math of acne. All the scars and pigmentation. I know how hard it can me to find the right products to cover and look presentable to the public at any kind of gathering, when all people do is look at your face. In the video, I show you the products as of today I rely on when I need extra coverage. I hope it will help you guys who are in need!


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Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Teeth Whitening is NOT As Simple As You Think.

I’ve always wanted white teeth, I’ve tried different methods to white teeth instead of buying special bleach products FAILED. So I read a lot of review on this Plus White Teeth Whitening kit. A lot of people said its good and it worked for them, well that wasn’t the case for me! I used the whole toothpaste and it did brightened up my teeth just a little.

By no mean I am saying that this product doesn’t work, I am just saying that it doesn’t work on all types of teeth! If you in situation like me and your teeth are hard to whiten, I don’t suggest you purchasing this product until you use a product that going to whiten your teeth well, and use Plus White Teeth Whitening to just maintain your teeth for cheap.

TIP: Each and every time I brush my teeth I add little bit of baking soda for faster teen whitening.
Site Claims:

• Cheap
• You can find it at almost every drug store
• Will work if your teeth are little yellow
• If you just got the whitened this will help you maintain them white for long time if you use it ones daily.

• Won’t work on teeth that are too yellow
• Can be uncomfortable to use
• Have to wait over 15 minutes before it begins to work
• You have to keep using this product, if you stop your teeth will get yellow fast

Price: $7 USDA (You can print a $2off on the website if you buying a kit, $1off just the toothpaste)
Will Purchase Again? Yes, I will ones I find a product that really whites my teeth. I will use Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit just to keep my teeth brighter.

My Opinion: Teeth whitening can get ohh so expensive and for some reason I do believe in this product will work ones my teeth are little more whiter. (Thanks mom) Since I’ve seen difference within 3 days of use, using it twice a day for 30 minutes each. I know this post is sort of confusing and it seems that I can’t make up my mind if I like this product or not, but its hard to explain. I did the best I could explaining this product. If you guys have additional questions that I didn’t touch on, feel free to e-mail me and ill reply to you.

To purchase
- Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit click HERE


My Current Obsession,

As of now...

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This day, this place, this situation is your starting point. Now is your moment to reach as high as you care to reach.

Some random photography pictures with my Canon Rebel T2i....up close and personal! 



All About Hair And Hair Products,

How To Curl Your Hair With Hot Rollers

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Oh yes, its been a while,

Like I always say, I am one busy bee. I am so tired emotionally that I believe it best not to blog, then blog with out a purpose, just to blog. Anyway, I am getting back to blogging, hard core soon. I have blog and videos ideas lined up. If you lost hope, don't let it go, I WILL BE BACK!

Anyway, in this video I will show you a new (well they not new, but they are new in my life) hot rollers. I don't have a preference on which hair tools I use as long as they work and give me what I need. I had tried Remington hot rollers with the pink clip and they are not working well for me nor my mom (hi ma). So as any other social media lover would do, I youtube a lot of videos to see the best curlers and the results it gives. CONAIR WON!

See for yourself below. I do want to say that if you want your hair to look great when its curls (by any curling tool) its best if you have layers in your hair!