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I am sitting here, almost 2 hours on the phone with Norton Costumer Service fixing my moms computer. Oy My......

I thought to just open up a clean post and start typing, since I haven't posted a post in a some time and i need to vent! 

This past 3 days has been just been overwhelming, last night my mom had a hot wax on the table and her dog jumped on top on the table. There goes the hot wax on the carpet floor, mom screaming.....

Little did we both know the dog got two of her back paws in the hot wax, I can just feel her pain. We got so scared. I rushed her to the bath tub and started to run hot water to loosen up the wax and scissors to cut her fur with the was on it........We ended up soaking her paws in oil which loosen up the wax and mom gentry cut the hair very short. After about two hours or so we were able to finally put her in the bath tub and was her. I didn't vlog or taken any pictures, because my mind was on how to help her and remover the was faster. i remember praying for her to be okey. She is a trooper, she is now laying next to mom and she is doing great! What a worry.

Anywho, I am still on the phone going on the 3rd hour, so I will continue the post and show you a pictures i seen on Pintrest that had me "Are you serious"


I am not sure who thought of this genius idea to put the whole brush in the sink full on water, but dear readers, DON'T DO THAT! It will mess up your brushes, cheap or expensive! It looses up the glue and your brush is ruined. I have a video how to clean the the make up brushes you can check it out below....Its old, I do use different products now which I will film a new video soon!

 I just disconnected from the phone call, but the guys over at Norton are still working on my computer, even they are not sure why this is happening! Oy vey. 

We are in NYC, well me for that matter are preparing for the cold cold cold when I say cold I mean COLD in the single digit weather, this Tuesday and Wednesday with possibility of snow showers Thursday! I am preparing like no other. I got my warm gloves, hat, scarf, jacket and borrowing my moms warm boots ( I am so stubborn I only want the UGG's that had been discontinued and I've been trying to get them and no luck thus far) so basically I have no warm boots! Thanks MOM!!!

Let me now end this post, because I can type and type and type. I bet you guys are bored anyway, see you soon loves!


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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review

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I am here with a REVIEW! FINALLY, its been a while. 
 photo 0147872b-3162-4f3e-a9da-54557313652f_zps4829c865.jpg
I finally got a change to try out the famous Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I do like them for the fact that it lasted for almost a week and there was barely any drying time. Every product has its down falls, and for each person its different. May I just say that, I loved the color that I had chosen, I need to find it in real nail polish!

Nail strips are not wide enough for my nail bed
The tip of the nail had bumps after application ( It could be just me, since it was my first time applying.)
EXPENSIVE for one time use, nail polish bottle that will last me for a long time is cheaper.
Not a huge variety of nail color
Takes a while to get used to applying it
Takes time to apply
Last for a good week
Fast dry
Good packaging

You see, I do have more cons then pros. I don't think i would re-purchase this product again for the simple fact that its too expensive and i don't think worth it. I rather sit for few minutes and wait till my regular nail polish dries off. I will be doing a blog post soon on what I do to make my manicure last for over 4 days.

Anyway, I am also attaching a video that I filmed talking little bit more about this products, check it out below.

 photo IMG_8162_zps731320a1.jpg
 photo IMG_8147_zps26c1eb2e.jpg
; photo IMG_8154-1_zps43efb779.jpg
 photo IMG_8157-1_zpse1eaf666.jpg


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What a better way to start NEW YEARS, then getting new FREE nail polishes from ZOYA?
So, I am hearing that on Monday, yes this Monday ZOYA will be giving away free nail polishes to its NEW costumers. Go ahead NOW and create your free account so ones midnight hit you can have an account and get your free polishes right away. I hear that the magic number is 3, but by being a new costumer you can get another one free as well. I am not 100% sure. Just in case add to your card forth one and if your total says you have to pay for 4th one, remove it! 


I've heard so much good stuff about ZOYA nail polishes, that they are cruelty free and free of chemicals that can harm us. Best of all they have a nail polish named after me, okey let me stop. But really they have the nail polish named Katherine, which is totally my color for that matter.


Below are the ones I have in my cart already, I loved the purple one, I have an addiction to purple color, what can I say! 





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