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Beauty Test Tubes Review - Spring Beauty Test Tube

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I searched for so long to sign up for a GOOD trial size products, I finally found the one I am happy with from the first shipment! See what I am talking about in the video below!



Bathing-Suits For Curvy Body - Get Kim Kardashian Bathings-Suit Look A-Like

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I got couple of E-mails asking me to share my PERFECT bathings suits for a curvy body. Now there is no such thing as PERFECT anything, but there is the ones that is cut in the right way to fit the curvy body tipes.

So for those who e-mailed me here we go......

Beach Season is just around the corner, and I am in need of new Bathing-Suits. I browsed around some stores and I didn't find the one I like. Do I went online (even though I am a little skeptical to purchase online without trying it on.)

Under the Bathing-Suits, I posted a cover ups, for me a cover up is a MUST, I wore for the longest time old clothes of mine as a cover up, but its time to upgrade!!!

P.S. The last two cover ups are from Victoria's Secret! (Just search cover up)

I came across Venus Website, they have cute things on it, for a very affordable price.

I had my eye on this bathing suit since about one year ago, and I found a look-a-like, for so cheap! Its not the SAME, its look-a-like (I know you guys are gonna tell me this) THE PURPLE ONE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!!




DIY BRUSH-GUARDS [How to Store and Protect Your Make-Up Brushes]

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Its such a gloomy day today, its perfect to be home and catch up on my blog posts, e-mails, comments...etc. 

I dont know about you, but I love everything to be clean and neat. I have diagnosed myself with mild OCD. I travel time to time and even if I sleep over someones house I bring more stuff then I need. My make up bag is always with me when I know I will be staying over somewhere else. I used to put my make up brushes into a ziplock bag, but I never liked that. 

I googles brush guards and one company wanted $10 for 6 Brush-Guards, I said ....Yeah Okey


I went on E-Bay and typed in "Brush Guards" and got mine for $1 with FREE shipping, that's savings of $5, for a frugal person like me its MUSIC TO MY EARS!!

Below you will see STEP BY STEP PICTURES and ALSO VIDEO.




Khloe Kardashian Closet

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Out of all the Kardashian Sisters, I love Khloe&Kourtney. I feel like they are dressing themselves and Kim has stylists who dress her. Dont get me wrong I know Khloe&Kourtney also have stylists, but I feel that they dress them selves most of the time on daily basis.

Anywho, I wanted to share with you picturs I found oh Khloe Closet, AMAZING!!!
(I am still drooling)

...I can see that she loves MAXI DRESSES!!!




Mother's Day Bliss (Lets Catch Up)

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Its seriously has been almost a month since my last post. How crazy is this, time flies.

I've been so busy. 

Its 11:48PM I am sitting on my couch brainstorming new posts and YT videos ideas. I got a cute new pink NoteBook to write down all of my ideas when i am on  the go.

I KNOW I KNOW, why dont I use my phone. I am old school and I love writing. (I havent written  anything long by hand in abpout 3 months, yestarday I had to write by hand and as crazy at it sounds it wasnt easy. technology is really taking over our lives.)

I don't know if I told you guys, but I love this new Blogger Layout, its so clean and nice. I've been shopping around for a new blog layout design and let me tell ya, the $$$ they want to change, is wayyyy tooo muchhhhh. Ill stick to doing it myself for now.

This post is so random, but I just feel like talking and expresing myself.

Below you guys can see the latest pictures of my JellyBean, isn't she cute. 
Also few pictures from Mothers Day, I was such a great day I spend with my family.

IMG_9724  IMG_9734