How To Adjust Your Sleeping Schedule

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Yeah, about that. Since last Sunday, I cant seem to get into the new schedule. It took me a while to get into a good schedule (going to sleep earlier and waking up early)

Now I have to change it all over again. I believe that in Europe, they don't have that daylight savings nonsense. I usually wake up by 9AM and since the time was moved forward I wake up at 10AM. GET IT? AGHHH. Not happy a camper.

I am going to try my best going to sleep hour early and the KEY to that is going to sleep each day about 10  to 15 minutes earlier. So for those of you who is having hard time with this time change, try to go to sleep and wake up 10 to 15 minutes earlier each day. This way your body is getting adjusted to it better.

For example when you trying to loose weight, you not going to stop eating, you are going to decrease your portions, same way in this case. Slow process is the best process. You will get better results!

Most importantly, good night sleep (8 to 9 hours) is ideal for beauty sleep. Let you body rejuvenate and get ready for the day to come. 



International Love

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I grown to love this holiday! When i was younger, I didn't care much about it, but now that I am growing up, its one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely love March, there is so many birthdays this months and of-course March means we are getting closer to warm weather!

P.S. How gorgeous are these flowers! Picture taken and edited by me! I just love Spring, flowers are my weakness!
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Me and my little fur ball wishing all the woman across the world a happy day filled with joy and love!
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It's snowing in NYC, the forecast states that we will get almost 3inches. At least I don't have to go anywhere today, yey me. So let it snow baby! 



Calling All Organizing Freaks!

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I finally had a moment to film a video. edit. upload. It's a very requested video and i was so exited to film it, since I found a new organization set up for my purse. Couple month ago while on the train, a brilliant idea come to my head, why not organized everything in its own mini make up bags? I acted on it and guess what? I will never go back to my old way.

So for all you organization freaks (Like Me) this video is must watch! WATCH IN 1080 (It takes me much longer to edit, so you will guys enjoy 1080HD)