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Appreciation Giveaway

Ohh The Sound Of FREE Stuff Makes Me Tingle.

I’ve been involved with blogging and youtube for almost 2 years now. I can’t express how happy I am that I got started blogging and making youtube videos. I am grateful for all the subscribers I have on both of my accounts. I love reading and responding to all of your comments, tweets, messages, and E-mails. Most of you guys are the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I came across some truly amazing people and their blogs is work of art and beyond amazing imagination.

Pic Of Prize

Prize Includes:

With that said I want to lunch my Appreciation Giveaway. I want to thank all of my subbies by holding a giveaway, this give away will be a 3 WEEKS LONG. I have some great peaces included in my prize. One lucky winner will receive over $50 worth of goodies. So what you waiting for? ENTER NOW!!!

There are rules that you must follow to receive __________________


Must be a follower

Leave A Comment Below ……In your comment include your NAME and your E-Mail.
(That's the only way I will be able to contact you if you the winner to get your address where I can ship the win items.)

Must be 18 years or older to enter. If you are under age please have your parent permission to enter.

To increase your chances of winning….Follow me on Twitter
User Name: TheBeautyInMe3

Giveway entries will be combined from YOUTUBE and BLOG.

I will check if you followed the rules or not and if you didn't you will be disqualified. Its not fair for the rest of readers who do follow rules.

P.S If there will be one entry then that one person will win the giveaway.

CONTEST ENDS _______________


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Smaller is Not Always Better
In Reality Size Doesn’t Matter, It’s How You Show Off Your Style.
Since I was younger I was always the tallest one among my friends and always the chubbier one, till this day most of my friends are skinny and most of them are short. I’ve always felt BIG and unattractive, I wanted to buy clothes their sizes when we were going shopping together, because I felt so upset about my body size and I wanted to show off that I can fit in the same size outfits too. I will admit I was doing that for a while until I realized I never wore those small size clothes that I purchased, they would always go to donation. The clothes were not so expensive, the point is that it’s still waste of money that back then was a LOT of $$$ for me.
About two years ago I said NO MORE--- STOP IT Katherine, you just making yourself feel bad about your body size because none of the clothes you buy fit you the right way and you stuck wearing things over and over that do fit you. I am GLAD I did, I am GLAD I made the CHANGE. I now buy things that are exactly my size of little bit bigger, because I do like the loose fit of some of my clothes.
The reason I want to blog about this topic is because more and more people I see dress them self’s in clothes that are much smaller sizes that they are. Its unattractive and its nothing to laugh about. I am not here to judge anyone, because I’ve been there done that and grew out of it. I didn’t have no on to tell me Katherine don’t waste money on smaller size clothes or you look ridiculous when you wear clothes smaller size it makes your body look abnormal. (I am not going to lie my mom and dad always told me about that, but I was a teenager, who really listens parents opinion and advice when they are a teen? Come on lets be real)
I am writing this blog to share my experience and opinion about buying clothes that are too small for their body size, no matter how big or small they are. I know the media is the BIG reason why people go extreme ways to lose weight and buy clothes that are in style right this moment. Most of the latest styles are made for skinny body type, and it’s hard to find stylish clothes for females that are on the curvier side. The need to buy smaller size clothes to feel better about yourself is the worst things you can do to yourself, it’s all in your mind girls. Don’t think that smaller clothes make them look slimmer. Don’t let your mind control you so much.
No matter what’s the latest style you wear it won’t ever look good on you if its way to tight and you see fat handing out. It’s so unattractive and so unpleasant to look at, no matter how IN STYLE it is.

Picture of FAT hanging out
Here are so TIPS I live buy when purchasing clothes
• Shop your closet first, check out all the things you have in your closet that are small and throw them away, and what fits your body right keep it.
• Browse online and check out your favorite celebrities or blogs to get idea of some style that you would like to try.
• Search online stores that you shop at to see what they have before going to their stores.
• NEVER by online unless you can return at the store that is located close to your house.
• When in fitting room bring camera and take a picture of yourself from different angles to see it from the side how the outfit looks on you. (Make sure to take the flash off so no one will know that you taking pictures, some stores do not allow pictures inside)
• When at the store make sure to take clothes your size and one size bigger, you should try the larger size before the smaller size.
• Make sure to check the material the clothes is made from, a lot of clothes shrink really fast you don’t want to purchase something your size and after one wash you will see that its too tight on you.
• Wash most of your clothes in cold to warm water. There are special detergents that work in cold water like “Tide” Cold Water. It saves you money also!
• Let your outfits air dry, don’t dry in drier machine it shrink most of your clothes with in minutes.

You can always spice up your outfits by wearing cute jewelry it adds special touch to any outfits and it can never shrink or be too tight on you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know any TIPS that you have when it comes to dressing up your body type.


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Jane Iredale THE SKIN CARE MAKE UP Review


You guys probably have seen my Pure Mineral Makeup Review. Click HERE is you didn’t yet to check it out. Thanks to my mom I now discovered a new website that has high quality make up and yet its affordable. The website is well organized and so easy to search through. I picked few things to try and share with you, because I am impressed with the company and their products.

My mom always told me that if the product you buy has the a small jar and the number 12M in the back of the product then it’s a good quality because the company indicates that this product should be used with in 12 month period.

***Both of the foundations I received have the small jar and number 12M in the back of it. Very pleased with that. I didn’t think that they would out that on, because I only seen that on well known companies like MAC, Channel, Dior and some other expensive and well known companies.

P.S. Before I BEGIN I want to mention that the Tinted moisturizer and the foundation each come with the instructions how to use it the right way and also what brush is ideal to use it with, their website does sell brushes that they indicate on the instructions in the foundations.

(This is my opinion about _____and how it worked with my skin. Your results may vary)

Before I begin the review here is short summary of the company.

Pic Of The Tinted moisturizer

I LOVE the tinted moisturizer the color I choose is too light for me now, but that’s okey because soon my tan will go away and I will be light again and the tinted moisturizer will me a must for me going to school , since I am always on the rush.

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- Easy to use
- Small can fit in any make up bag
- Small amount goes a long way
- Can be used to apply with face brushes and fingers

- Not full coverage
- It’s hard to use with foundation sponges.

My Opinion: I really impressed with this tinted Moisturizer. I like the coverage, I wish it had more coverage but its ideal for summer, its light and I feel like my skin is breathing and I don’t have heavy foundation on that glides off in the hot summer heat.

Fancy looking liquid foundation that moisturized and covers at the same time, best believe it!

PIC of the liquid foundation.......

I love looking at this bottle its looks so fancy and its fun to pump. I’ll admit that’s the only reason I wanted to try this product is because of those little foundation bubbles in some liquid!

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- Moisturizer and foundation all in one
- Skin feels light while wearing it
- Site has good color selection
- Small and convenient to use
- Interesting to look at

- Medium coverage
- More than 2 pumps needed for better coverage

My Opinion: the product itself is very attractive and the pump is very convenient to use. I wish it was full coverage then the product would be priceless and I wouldn’t ever purchase any other foundation in this world!

This products is my mom’s favorite she loves it soooo much, only because of her I chosen to try it, she bagged about how it’s her secret magic cloth. I didn’t believe her until I tried it myself.

Pic of the Cloth............

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- come on its PINK =)
- Easy to use
- Removes make up
- No need for heavy rake up remover
- Gentle on eye area
- Removes make up if no time


- $ USDS
- $ USDS
- $ USDS

Will Purchase Again? YES YES YES

My opinion: I love this product! It’s so easy to use and it’s so simple. I don’t use heavy makeup removers or skin exfoliater daily like I use to anymore, because this product does it all with one single use. I use it twice a day morning to wash off the oil that was produced while sleeping I just wet the cloth with no face products and wash the oils off…night time I add any desired face wash or face scrub like St. Ives Microdemabraison (Click HERE for the review) and wash of all my make up of including mascara. This is my MUST tool to have.


I am so happy that my mom found this website and recommended to me to try. They not CHEAP, but they are very AFFORDABLE.

To purchase
- click HERE
- 15 click HERE
- Magic Mitt HERE

I want to thank _________ for sending me these products to try.


All About Hair And Hair Products,


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JOHN FREIDA COLLECTION “Root Awakening” Conditioner Review



I LOVE to receive free samples. It gives me an opportunity to try before I buy ( I sometime think that they put the best in the sample so people would but their product in full size, when full size it’s not as good as the sample) I know it sound crazy, but companies would do anything in order for you to buy their products.

About two months ago I received a sample from JOHN FREIDA COLLECTION. If you not familiar with the name CLICK HERE to get to their web site and read more about it. I got 3 piece sample which included
a. Shampoo b. Conditioner c. Hair Serum

I tried it all and in this review I will only talk about the hair conditioner. Reason being is my friend purchased the full size JOHN FREIDA hair conditioner and left it at my house for a whole month. I didn’t think twice to try it and use it, because I want to see if it lives up to its name “BREAKAGE-PRONE”


Before I begin with my opinion please read what the site claims the product does for your hair…..

Site Claims:
  • Instantly fortifies and silkens from roots to ends for smooth, breakage-resistant hair that's noticeably more radiant and resilient with every use.
  • With natural Eucalyptus and peppermint oil, this formula stimulates the scalp with a cool, tingling sensation. Massaging your scalp encourages circulation, which will "wake-up" healthier-looking new growth.
  • Containing Panthenol, a vital strengthening ingredient, the formula reinforces the hair structure and helps prevent breakage and split ends.

It’s been a month since I started using it. My thoughts and opinion are…..


• Easy to use
• Lasts over a month if used at least 2X week
• Less Frizee
• Hair Glows
• Not heavy on hair

• Doesn’t live up to its claim “BREAKAGE-PRONE”
• Doesn’t fully restore strength in hair

Price: $8.00 USDA
Will Purchase Again? Probably Not
My Opinion: It’s not worth your money. I don’t know what the BIG hype was about. Yes it smells good, but that’s about it it’s like pouring perfume on your hair it will only give you the smell and do nothing to your hair. There are better hair conditioners out there, this one should be discontinue.
To purchase:

- JOHN FREIDA COLLECTION “Root Awakening” Conditioner click HERE

Let me know if you do and what you think about the product.



Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen

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Organization and Decor= My Obsession

You guys know I love cooking, if you know that then you should always know I am a organization/decor freak! I love organizing and decoration my home. especially my kitchen area. When I get down to cook I love my place to be spotless and gorgeous!

I want to share with you some of the NEW fresh decor and accessories that I have my eye on for my lovely (small) kitchen.

P.S. Click on pictures to get to the website!

This is IDEAL for my cat's dry food!

How cute are those Jars? its IDEAS for storage of different grains.
My Oil Bottle Broke a while ago and I wasn't able to find at any retail store a cute bottle, but this one is perfect!


When I seen this Paper Towel Holder I was like "Baby you so SIMPLE yet so GORGEOUS!"

These are just some stuff that I found so appealing to me for my kitchen on CSN Stores website!
Hope I gave you guys some ideas for your kitchen decor. They have anything from kitchen necessaries to bed sets, happy decor to all of you!



Picture ME Differently...

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A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.

It's almost 2AM Sunday, I am up because I feel creative and I wanted to share with you some of my creations!

Anyway, News12 is playing in the background and the weather is on! Tomorrow the lowest 9 degrees F. No plans for tomorrow ( I don't make plans anyway, because they never end up happening) but in this weather it's tooo cold to even go to the store nearby. Ill be home "relaxing".

My Recent Tweet
" I've been trying to relax all day, but I don't know how! I try to fit in everything lil by lil into my day to get it "

I'll leave as that, have a FABULOUS rest of the weekend!






Acne Cure,

How I get Ready - My Everyday Look - SIMPLE and EASY

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Getting ready quickly is not easy, Well for me it's not!

I put together a video for you guys showing you how I get ready for everyday, when I am not going out. I have this look when I run errands, school, work and similar things in between.

Its very simple and easy you can do in in no time! This video took a while to film and edit, just because I did step by step so you guys will have better idea of what I use!



Saturday AfterNoon

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How many lives can you improve tomorrow? The more necessary you make yourself, the more successful you'll be.

Hey everyone, its SATURDAY and I am sitting and browsing through few blogs. I can't believe how many talented people are out there! I wish I was able to meet them all. Anyway, tomorrow or sometime next week, I have a review to post, it been a while since I did :( it's 2011 NEW YEAR endless positive successful possibilities. I will do my best to keep up with my blog, since I re-did the whole layout!

I love the look of my new blog now, it feels more put together and organized (watch me in few months, I will say same things about a NEW layout)

Thanks for all your support, on that note I will leave you with my most listened song this week and a adore picture (I think) of me that was taken yesterday before I went to run errands!


Be inspired by perfection but don't be stopped by it. Seek to get it perfect, yet even when it won't be perfect go ahead and get it done.



Hot Tools 2" Professional Curling Iron Review

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Get The Saloon Popping Layers With Out The Wallet Breaking Price!


(Click on the picture to enlarge)

I though that the bigger the barrier the better curl you will get, OHH BOY I WAS WRONG. Any review that I read never I mean NEVER mentioned that the bigger the barrel the looser curl you will have, I though the opposite. I though if the barrel is bigger i will get those big gorgeous volumized curls! BOY I was wrong! The only thing that this curling iron did was strained out my hair! I was pissed when I tried it and that's what it did to my hair!

I was at the point where I just said, enough I have to return it, I contacted Amazon and they told me they will have to charge me 15% re-stocking fee and shipping is on me also! Ohh no THANKS, it's going to cost me same amount if not more as the curling iron it self! So I decided to keep it! WAY TO GO KATHERINE! I got my layers in my hair (Click HERE to Check The Post) and when I straighten out my hair with flat iron, its just looks flat! But curling my hair with the 2" barrel shows off my layers and gives body to my hair.

If you have layers it will help you show them off and give body to your hair!

*Big Barrel...Doesn't take so long to style hair.
* Gets HOT really quickly and stay hot, until you turn it of.
* Doesn't damage hair a lot, leave hair looking healthy and shiny.


* Can be mistaken that it gives big volumized curls, because of the big barrel.
* Gets really HOT and eat easy to get burned if not cautioned.
* Its heavy, so if you travel make sure you aware of it!

I will admit that I am not totally crazy over this curling irons, I have 1" Revlon Curling iron that I LOVE, because it gives me curls that last for 3 days or until I wash my hair! When I travel I take my Revlon curling iron over any other curling irons, because it never fails me! I will still keep trying to find products that will help me make my curls last with the 1.5" barrel and if I ever find the solution I will let you guys know!
Feel free to comment or message me if you have any suggestions for me, I am always open to try anything that wont hurt me or my gorgeous hair!

Some Of my Hair Tutorials You Should Check Out!

All Pictures and product information were taken from HotTools.com website



[Easy and Simple Smokey Eyes "Golden Smoke"]

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FINALLY A Make Up Tutorial... IT'S BEEN AGES!

FINALLY a make up tutorial for you my loves, I was a little skeptical filming it and editing, i didn't know if i was going to put it up on YOUTUBE but I said why not. I did hard work editing [It took a while] might as well upload it! I only watch tutorial that are crustal clear and i didn't wan to upload a tutorial that wast, but at least this quality is much better then any other make up tutorial videos i did before. I kinda like filming tutorials its a little challenging since I have to wait for natural lighting, put colors together, film, edit with extra editing involved and all that good stuff, but hey knowing me you guys should know I always take on a challenge!

I didn't know what to name the eye look, so I asked my twitter followers of what I should name it and I combined few suggestions and came up with.....

[Easy and Simple Smokey Eyes "Golden Smoke"]


Must Haves,

My Perfect Imperfections

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My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.

No is perfect every persona has their ups and downs. I am NOT perfect, I do my best to be close to PERFECTION as I can be. There has been a TAG going on (well a while ago) to talk about 3 things I am secure about and 3 things I am not secure about! In the video below you will get hear them!




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“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”


Welcome 2011, I am READY for YOU! I am ready for all the new opportunities, happiness, wealth, and health! I am ready to for everything you have to offer for me! THIS IS TO A NEW GREAT YEAR!

I hope all of you had FABULOUS New Year, I wanted to congratulate my lovely blog readers with 2011 and share with you 11 random things about me as a little treat, so you will guys get me know me little better!

*My true passion is helping people in anyway I can, even small things like holding a door for someone.
* I LOVE all things feminine and ladylike
* I re-organize all my stuff few times a month, I have some sort of OCD
* I have constant reminder that I look like Khloe Kardashian (I DON'T SEE WHY, SHE IS GORGEOUS AND I LOOK NOTHING LIKE HER)
* I LOVE my body shape
*I am proud of who and how I am
*I love reading and looking at other peoples blog and youtube videos
*My family still doesn't really know that I do youtube videos and I am a CEO Of my Blog
*I always have hard time deciding/making final decision on even the little things in life. Its just cos I am a perfectionist I guess.

That's it for now, next year there will be 12 random things about me!
Love you guys!