Prabal Gurung At Target

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I don't usually fall for the so called name brand collections that Target come out with. The Torry Burch collection was ultimate FAIL in my eyes.
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Let me tell you about the recent collection. It really hit the spot. Not everything caught my attention, but few peaces did and I cant wait to get my hands on them. (If I can) they sold out with in minutes of opening the store, but it looks like they are in stock online. (Oh great, not you guys will read this post and buy out the stock, just jocking) To me, it doesn't matter who is the designer, i care about the quality. The Prabal Gurung collection seems to be the it. Anyway, here are some peaces I hope to get my hand on! The only clothing that caught my attention was the tunic looking thing. I think it will be great with leggings.

 photo prabal-gurung-for-target-shoes-beauty-and-the-beat-blog_zps5187d381.png
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Nemo Blizzard Fun

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I went to sleep last night around 12AM and outside the Blizzard was in full effect. This morning I woke up at 8AM and was so excited to go outside and run around in the snow with Keyla. We Had so much fun, this is her her first Blizzard! It was perfect weather, not to windy. We got a chance to run in the snow and i cant describe how much fun we had!

In my last post I told you guys that i forgot my camera at moms house, so i had to take my old phone and use its camera. What do you know, after few pictures the memory card was full! Aghhhh. I did get some nice pictures.

I love taking pictures and videos, its a forever memory!
Look at all that snow balls in Keyla's feet. 
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My Every Day Life

Some time after...

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As I am typing this post all i hear from my window is wind and wet snow on the ground as cars passing by. YEP, its snowing. Better yet its a BLIZZARD called "NEMO". I wonder why they names it that way! When I think of NEMO, I think of the light blue water in the Bahamas.

I am sorry for lack of posts, but life is busy and of course blogging is not my LIFE! Its a hobby. I wish I can sit home and just blog daily. Not to worry ladies and gents, If am not blogging I am most definitely InstagramING. You can find me HERE. 

Anyway, since I have been busy doing million things in a day with out enough hours all I've been feeling is sucks! Its really hard to follow a HEALTHY lifestyle when there is not time for any kind of cooking and eating. I am just exhausted by the end of the day. 



All I want to do is get in bed and sleeeeep!
But this is what happens when i get in bed and I cant stop thinking about everything i have to do tomorrow!



I hope all of you are having a great start to the weekend. Be safe to everyone affected by "NEMO" :)

If there is a lot of snow, I will take my money to run around in it. I know she has been waiting for it! I was going to include a picture on myself and my little money, but I realized i forgot my camera at moms house, next post.