Lets Get Personal

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Its a beautiful morning, and I wish I got to enjoy it fully, I woke up around 11AM. I am not a happy camper when I wake up so late, sleeping in is good on rainy and foggy days, but not a GORGEOUS day like today. 

Me&Keylana are going to go take our daily walk, we walked so long yesterday that when when we got home we both laid hit the bed. 

I hope all of you are having an amazing start to the weekend, enjoy it! It will be over before you know it!

I have never done a TAG video, first time for everything!


CG Smoothers AquaSmooth Compact Foundation

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Recently I tried "CoverGirl AquaSmooth Foundation" and I fell in love. I will say that I didn't mention in the video, it is small amount for the price, but its worth it. 



DIY: Up-Date Your Make Up Treys

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Greetings to you all my darlings.

Its such a rainy day, blahhhh....
Perfect to sit behind my computer and edit videos and blogposts and also catch up on my favorite blogs!

I just uploaded DIY little project, its super easy and affordable!!!
You can find the spray paint in any hardware store and the plastic treys in stores like Dollar stores or Walmart



Let Go...

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This is so new!! This is my first post, using this new Layout, I kinda like it. It reminds me of Microsoft Word. EDIT: After finish typing this blog, I love this layout even more!!!!

I am just recovering from a cold and my allergies, I took time to recover so I can be back with fresh mind to talk to you guys.

It wasn't an easy week for me, I had to make a difficult decision in my life, I had to do it, it was draining me and pulling my life down. I wont go into what happened, because it's not important, whats important is why I did it and whats next! But do you can have an idea as to what it is about, FRIENDSHIP.


We all need to live our life to the fullest, and as I blogged before "Stress" causes health issues in many. As I get older i realize I cant NEVER get away from stress, but I can manage and eliminate what I can. After realizing this, I slowly started to evaluate every part on my life and even my home. for example the perfume bottle wasn't making me happy or I didn't like the way it looked or smell (Since i am frugal, I was picturing my money going in the trash if I throw it away) guess what I did, and guess what again? I FELT GREAT! I know this sound CRAZY, but we all are different and we suppose to do things that other may consider as pointless or crazy! As long as it makes you happy and its a justified craziness ( Don't go hurting someone or spending your whole savings, just because you want to be different, do you get what I mean?)


People change I get it, I changed I got OLDER&WISER. But I never changed how loyal I am to my friends&family. I though about this long and hard and letting go was the best choice for both of us. It doesn't mean I don't care, I do. I just care with in the distance. I don't expect anything from that person and they don't expect anything from me. I cherish the happy memories we had and they were part of my childhood memories. I my heart is big for love and care, but it has no space for HATE&GRUDGES.

Like I was saying before, if you feel that a thing or a person is weighting you down, change it. If you cant, then try to work around it and do your best to ignore until you can get rid of it or let it go. Since letting go of the friendship, I did feel down, but I am not going to look back, I am going to look forward to the present and future. because ones one door closes new opens. This of it as a new beginning!


Wish that person a lot of luck and success, and keep on doing your thing, because life goes on with that person in your life or with out it, its your choice if you want to live your life with a heavy weight on your shoulder's or with out it!



Get Rid Of Dandruff - Home Remedy - Apple Cider Vinegar

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I have DANDRUFF!!!

I know how embarrassing that could be! I did a lot of research and home remedy like you will see in the video is the best! I am aware that some people are allergic to Apple cider Vinegar! I will do couple of more videos using other remedies!

If you are LUCKY and don't suffer from dandruff Apple Cider Vinegar is perfect for making your hair look shiny!

As for the smell, after good shampoo, you don't smell a thing! Make sure to use hair conditioner!!!


Make Up Tutorial,

No Makeup Makeup Tutorial - Perfect For On The Go School Work Running Errands

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I am so happy to be editing videos, its been about two months. My life style is super busy and always packed with to do things, I will be doing my best to upload regularly at least ones a week. 


I decided to film myself while I put on face make up, I realized that this is literally NO MAKE UP Make up tutorial, because I use only couple of things. I wear this on daily basis, I never have time to full get my make up done, if you are like me click PLAY!


Make Up Collection,

Easter Video

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My day was FABULOUS! I hope your day was great as well. I woke up around 11AM, I needed my rest. I had great healthy breakfast (didn't tweet the pic today, I am on Instagram "TheBeautyinme3") I then took a nice hour long walk with Keylana and my cousin, then we had a FABULOUS Sushi lunch! After the fulfilling lunch I needed to walk it out, so we went back out. During those running back and forth I edited a much requested video and uploaded it!

I have been asked so many times to update my MAKE UP COLLECTION. You see I don't collect make up and I live in a small apartment so I don't change the storage at all. What I did change my make up trays ( I will have DIY tutorial soon, sooo easy) so I decided to film a organization video. 


Everything you see in the video I use daily, I don't like buying make up just to buy it, I buy what I use. I am gema-fobic person, so I don't keep nothing pass hear and half the longest!!!




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Keylana turned 1 yesterday, and couple of weeks ago I got her a "PUPCAKE" its a cupcake for puppy's. At first she didn't want nothing to do with it, but then she attacked it and didn't leave it alone until hours later. I came home after about 7 hours and the pupcake had a hole in it! She  attacked it! 

Its a special toy that cleans tartar from their teeth. If you have a puppy or a dog you know how important it is that your little friend's teeth are clean. I always on daily basis give her teeth cleaner so she can bite on it and clean teeth her self. 

(It looks like a white poop, doesn't it?)

Anyway, it's Wed. I did a lot of things since the week started so I don't have a lot to do today (SHOCKER). It's gorgeous weather and I am so in need on Vitamin D.
Me and Keylana going to take a walk on the beach, she is crazy for the sand and chasing birds.


How cute is her pink heat top? I love it!




1st. Birthday

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One year ago, our world was blessed with the most adorable puppy ever! Over 6 months ago, God put her in my hands. I coulnd't be more happier. Waking up to your cute adorable face is a JOY. Comming home anf seeing you be so happy and jump on me, is beyond JOY!

(I hope you liked your puppy-cupcake and a Birthday Card I made for you!) (Yes, I am loving like that)

Thank you for loving me no matter what.




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I get so many E-mails and messages, about self esteem and weight management. These to go together.


Let me tell you, I came so far with my self esteem issue. Its normal in your teens to have self esteem issues, but if I knew then what I know now, I would save myself a lot of stress. 

Let me tell you little about my struggle with self esteem.... Back in a day around age 15 to about two years ago, I drove myself crazy, i cried , i talk bad about myself, I didn't want to look in a mirror a lot of times, i avoided people and places, just because I felt like I wasn't what society is used to look at or what to look at.

I was never a jealous person, but I would constantly ask over and over again, why cant I have what she, he, or they have....why can I look like she does or have that body or that outfit. It happened a lot, I wasn't jealous I was insecure about myself. It took a lot of time to get deeper into my life and find out reasons as to why I was feeling that way. 

I finally with help of self help books and a lot of reading and researching online, I figured out what was the main cause of me feeling that way. That second I said "  I am taking over my life, and its time for a change" I believe that saying " I am changing" is bull, only until you do it quietly and not for anyone else, but your self, only then it will work. I cleaned out my life, starting from the way I thinking and the way I do things to letting go of people that were not good for me. It was hard believe me it was hard, but ones I stuck to it and didn't give up, now looking back I see the reasons for low self esteem and things not going my way.


As to weight management, I never dieted. I love food, I am a foody. I just read a lot and decided that small portions and daily exercise is the way to go. Also vitamins and a lot of veggies and pure water is THE BEST. I am not for loosing weight or becoming skinny, I love my curvy body, I love my body. I am  using portions control for my health. I am not going to sit and lie that I don't eat fast food, I do, but I would choose Subway instead of McDonald's and if I choose McDonald's then I will eat the salad and drink water with it. 


I can stand when people say "....ohhh, I am on a diet, I am not eating fast food" Please, even fast food has think you can eat that are healthy. Eating veggie and breathing air wont last that long. 


There is an image that HOLLYWOOD has to have in order to MAKE IT! Many girls and women in our society want to follow that, you guys are not in HOLLYWOOD. YES, feeling good is the most important thing in the world, that's what keeps you going. But realize this, you are not in HOLLYWOOD, be the best you can be FOR YOUR SELF! 

You get the idea, I just get so sad when I see people feel down because of their self esteem. Come on people (ladies and gents) you are so unique, each and every one of you. YOU NEED BE EMBRACE THAT. Find a hobby that will make you feel happy, talk to someone that will lift your spirits up, do something that will make YOU happy. Its a long journey and I hope you will make the best of it.