How To Refresh & Revitalize Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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I am on my MINI- WEEKEND project. 

I am still getting over my sickness, I wanted to take it easy, but I cant sit home and not tackle one home project.

My kitchen cabinets were bothering me since they seem too dull. I used MURPHYS OIL in the past for my floors. I tried today on my dull kitchen cabinets and it worked GREAT! It took few times to clean. 1. Wash the cabinet 2. Prep 3. Shine 4. Shine, all by using one product.

The great part of it all its DIRT cheap!! I purchased mine from Dollar Store.
  photo IMG_2616_zps058b0d20.jpg  photo IMG_2617_zps267e1cb1.jpg
 photo IMG_2621_zpsbd50839b.jpg
 photo IMG_2623_zps34c9b593.jpg


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Groupon Purchase Review [Jazmin King Size Bed]

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Groupon is one of a major Flash Sales kind of website.

I purchased few small things here and there throughout the years, I was genuinely happy with each purchase. 3 months ago I made a BIG purchase.

I ordered a Jazmin Bed.....
  photo klllkl_zps13e235c0.png

Groupon tracking page is delayed with updates.

 photo klllkl_zps16e48b94.png
I placed an order on October 13th, We received the bed week of 11-18-2014. Nearly two weeks since I called Groupon and delivery company every day to check on the status. Each company blamed one another. I was furious, I was really disappointed with the services from both of the company's. I was at a point of asking for the delivery company to return the bed back, until I got a call informing me that the bed will be deviled tomorrow. Groupon did provide me with $50 curtusy credit. WOW $50, my stress and time cost more. I am still grateful for that $50 credit towards my next purchase with Groupon.

I was excited, until the delivery took place: The delivery guys deviled the bed rails, but the bed frame didn't fit into the elevator and they offered me to pay them each $20 dollars. I told them I do not have cash, their reply was " We take checks". Are you kidding me?  I went upstairs to see if I have few dollars, then I see them guys bring it upstairs through my door. I gave them about $12, which I was able to find.

I opened the box...

 photo IMG_1699_zpsf9feb28d.jpg
 photo IMG_1907_zpsc3c4d861.jpg
 photo IMG_1702_zpsbd69dc07.jpg
 photo IMG_1704_zps969f57b0.jpg
 photo IMG_1898_zpsd4393ae0.jpg
 photo IMG_1903_zpsbe5f22ee.jpg
 photo IMG_1901_zps02bfeee5.jpg
 photo IMG_1922_zps3e40bc76.jpg

The bed is NOT BEIGE after all. Its Greyish Beige. I am not impressed by the color. I will admit the quality is great and it looks RICH in the bedroom.

This is how the bed looks today.....

 photo IMG_2598_zps9c30fa00.jpg
 photo IMG_2599_zpsb559d0f7.jpg

Over all, I love the bed. I wish the color of the bed was more beige, it would be much easier to style the room around the beige color.

As far as ordering from Groupon again large items like this....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I feel that the picture is misleading and so is the delivery promise. Groupon should not that large items have their own delivery time and not promise 14 day delivery.