How To Refresh & Revitalize Wood Kitchen Cabinets

4:14 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

I am on my MINI- WEEKEND project. 

I am still getting over my sickness, I wanted to take it easy, but I cant sit home and not tackle one home project.

My kitchen cabinets were bothering me since they seem too dull. I used MURPHYS OIL in the past for my floors. I tried today on my dull kitchen cabinets and it worked GREAT! It took few times to clean. 1. Wash the cabinet 2. Prep 3. Shine 4. Shine, all by using one product.

The great part of it all its DIRT cheap!! I purchased mine from Dollar Store.
  photo IMG_2616_zps058b0d20.jpg  photo IMG_2617_zps267e1cb1.jpg
 photo IMG_2621_zpsbd50839b.jpg
 photo IMG_2623_zps34c9b593.jpg

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