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Head&Sholders & Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Review

9:50 PM Katherine H 3 Comments

Dandruff Is Embarrassing To Have And Hard To Get Rid Of…Until NOW



Having dandruff is embarrassing ( I feel like that’s what people stare at when they talk to me is my hair with white flakes in it) I had dandruff since I was little and me and my mom tried almost everything even going to a doctor and getting a prescription which did help, but for little while ( Going back and forth to the doctor all the time was too much work.)
We tried Selsen Blue which also worked for a while and stopped within few months of use. I filmed a review (Watch HERE) I am a person that never gives up, I read a lot of reviews and home remedies until I decided to purchase Head&Sholders INTENSE THERAPY shampoo.

I am not a NEWBE to Head&Sholders I’ve tried it in the past and it worked for me for little while, just like all of the other products I tried. I decided to give this one a try simply because I had a feeling it will work. Boy was I SOOOO right It worked and its been working for a year so far.

I give my hair a break from the INTENSE THERAPY and wash my hair with 2 other shampoos that work for my hair….
I. JOHN FREIDA COLLECTION Collection For BLONDS ( For My Highlights)
II. Dove Therapy For Damaged Hair

Site Claims:
For severe dandruff treatment
Fights dandruff starting from the first wash
1% selenium sulfide
Helps prevent itching, scaling, irritation and redness associated with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff

• WORKS from the FIRST use
• Leaves hair soft
• Makes hair stronger
• Smells good
• Inexpensive
• Available at almost every drugstore
• Hair stays clean for longer the 3 days

• No hair conditioner to match the shampoo

Price: $5 USDA
Will Purchase Again? Been Re-Purchasing all year long and keep doing it!

My Opinion: Something that works so well should cost more than it does….Pssttt….don’t tell anyone. I think this should be a saloon sold item or doctors prescribe only, because their stuff DOES NOT work very well. That’s my honest opinion, but I thank GOD that its available everywhere and I can purchase new one after it’s finished. This is some good stuff, that works wonders!

To purchase:
- Head&Sholders Shampoo click HERE


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Henar said...

Aww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


Corie said...

Ok, I know you were talking about hair...but I love your nails. Did you polish them?

Jewelz said...

I want to try this. I use Pantene ProV and it make my scalp so dry and itchy.