First Halloween

2:39 PM Katherine H 1 Comments


I know this is over due post, better late then never.

As you guys know this is Keylana's first HALLOWEEN and I wanted to play dress up. I didn't get dressed up, because I am not a Halloween Dress Up Person :( But Keylana is! So this year she got a Pumpkin Costume. how cute is she?!

I also wanted to include my pumpkin craving masterpiece! Can you believe this is my first time EVER doing this? Yes, I know it seems like a job done by a PRO. Okey, let me stop.

Enjoy the picture, It's Friday and I am in bed typing this post. I got soar throat so my best friend are the meds that I am taking and HOT Ginger Tea. Which i recommend to everyone as soon as you feel soar throat coming, hot tea with little-bit of honey is your BFF!

My MASTER Creation!
She didnt know what those were, she got scared. Look at that face!


How cute is my little munchkin!
I need a treat for putting up with all of this DRESS UP!
Mommy what is this?
Ohh Yeahhhh...Now I am at your service!
Mommy know how crazy I am for BACON

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