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Easter Video

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My day was FABULOUS! I hope your day was great as well. I woke up around 11AM, I needed my rest. I had great healthy breakfast (didn't tweet the pic today, I am on Instagram "TheBeautyinme3") I then took a nice hour long walk with Keylana and my cousin, then we had a FABULOUS Sushi lunch! After the fulfilling lunch I needed to walk it out, so we went back out. During those running back and forth I edited a much requested video and uploaded it!

I have been asked so many times to update my MAKE UP COLLECTION. You see I don't collect make up and I live in a small apartment so I don't change the storage at all. What I did change my make up trays ( I will have DIY tutorial soon, sooo easy) so I decided to film a organization video. 


Everything you see in the video I use daily, I don't like buying make up just to buy it, I buy what I use. I am gema-fobic person, so I don't keep nothing pass hear and half the longest!!!

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