The Benefits of Waking Up Early

7:34 AM Katherine H 1 Comments

Goooooood early morning!!!!!!


Yes, its is 7:06AM. I haven't woken up this early in a while. I cant remember if I told you guys, but I am trying to work my scheduled out to fit my TO DO LIST as well as get ME TIME and REST TIME (9 to 8hrs). Its very hard, I get caught up so fast with everything that I need to do and by the time I get to bed its after 12AM!!! NOT GOOOD!

I went to sleep last night around 11PM and woke up before 6AM, crazy right. But as I sitting on the couch and sipping my morning coffee I started to think,  the benefits of waking up early, I can name a ton of benefits..... (Click, READ MORE)

I can or you can.....
Make your coffee
Go for a run or walk your dog
Go to the gym
See sun rise
Breath fresh morning air
Check my e-mails, blog subscription roll
Post a blog post for the day, your brain works better and will brainstorm lots of ideas since its rested
Start my TO DO LIST early
Have time at night to enjoy my night and watch TV and get ME time.
GO to sleep early and wake up early and do it all over again

See all those positive benefits, they totally win over the disadvantages. Now no one is perfect, you will have days when you want to sleep in pass 10AM or may  I even say 12PM!!! I am licking this kind of schedule, take a minute and re-evaluate your day, your to do list, your life! For all of you NEW YEAR RESOLUTION KEEPERS (yeahhhh right) this might be a great one to put on your list for 2012!!!


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Waking up early has it's advantages to be sure. It seems like there are so many more things you can do in the quiet of early morning.

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