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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips Review

10:22 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

I am here with a REVIEW! FINALLY, its been a while. 
 photo 0147872b-3162-4f3e-a9da-54557313652f_zps4829c865.jpg
I finally got a change to try out the famous Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I do like them for the fact that it lasted for almost a week and there was barely any drying time. Every product has its down falls, and for each person its different. May I just say that, I loved the color that I had chosen, I need to find it in real nail polish!

Nail strips are not wide enough for my nail bed
The tip of the nail had bumps after application ( It could be just me, since it was my first time applying.)
EXPENSIVE for one time use, nail polish bottle that will last me for a long time is cheaper.
Not a huge variety of nail color
Takes a while to get used to applying it
Takes time to apply
Last for a good week
Fast dry
Good packaging

You see, I do have more cons then pros. I don't think i would re-purchase this product again for the simple fact that its too expensive and i don't think worth it. I rather sit for few minutes and wait till my regular nail polish dries off. I will be doing a blog post soon on what I do to make my manicure last for over 4 days.

Anyway, I am also attaching a video that I filmed talking little bit more about this products, check it out below.

 photo IMG_8162_zps731320a1.jpg
 photo IMG_8147_zps26c1eb2e.jpg
; photo IMG_8154-1_zps43efb779.jpg
 photo IMG_8157-1_zpse1eaf666.jpg

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