International Love

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I grown to love this holiday! When i was younger, I didn't care much about it, but now that I am growing up, its one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely love March, there is so many birthdays this months and of-course March means we are getting closer to warm weather!

P.S. How gorgeous are these flowers! Picture taken and edited by me! I just love Spring, flowers are my weakness!
 photo 20130303_151435_zpsbea89955.jpg

Me and my little fur ball wishing all the woman across the world a happy day filled with joy and love!
  photo 824cf5f2-75a9-4fb5-b1e4-648f1020e15c_zps612fd7e6.jpg
It's snowing in NYC, the forecast states that we will get almost 3inches. At least I don't have to go anywhere today, yey me. So let it snow baby! 

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