[Easy and Simple Smokey Eyes "Golden Smoke"]

9:51 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

FINALLY A Make Up Tutorial... IT'S BEEN AGES!

FINALLY a make up tutorial for you my loves, I was a little skeptical filming it and editing, i didn't know if i was going to put it up on YOUTUBE but I said why not. I did hard work editing [It took a while] might as well upload it! I only watch tutorial that are crustal clear and i didn't wan to upload a tutorial that wast, but at least this quality is much better then any other make up tutorial videos i did before. I kinda like filming tutorials its a little challenging since I have to wait for natural lighting, put colors together, film, edit with extra editing involved and all that good stuff, but hey knowing me you guys should know I always take on a challenge!

I didn't know what to name the eye look, so I asked my twitter followers of what I should name it and I combined few suggestions and came up with.....

[Easy and Simple Smokey Eyes "Golden Smoke"]

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