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Jane Iredale THE SKIN CARE MAKE UP Review


You guys probably have seen my Pure Mineral Makeup Review. Click HERE is you didn’t yet to check it out. Thanks to my mom I now discovered a new website that has high quality make up and yet its affordable. The website is well organized and so easy to search through. I picked few things to try and share with you, because I am impressed with the company and their products.

My mom always told me that if the product you buy has the a small jar and the number 12M in the back of the product then it’s a good quality because the company indicates that this product should be used with in 12 month period.

***Both of the foundations I received have the small jar and number 12M in the back of it. Very pleased with that. I didn’t think that they would out that on, because I only seen that on well known companies like MAC, Channel, Dior and some other expensive and well known companies.

P.S. Before I BEGIN I want to mention that the Tinted moisturizer and the foundation each come with the instructions how to use it the right way and also what brush is ideal to use it with, their website does sell brushes that they indicate on the instructions in the foundations.

(This is my opinion about _____and how it worked with my skin. Your results may vary)

Before I begin the review here is short summary of the company.

Pic Of The Tinted moisturizer

I LOVE the tinted moisturizer the color I choose is too light for me now, but that’s okey because soon my tan will go away and I will be light again and the tinted moisturizer will me a must for me going to school , since I am always on the rush.

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- Easy to use
- Small can fit in any make up bag
- Small amount goes a long way
- Can be used to apply with face brushes and fingers

- Not full coverage
- It’s hard to use with foundation sponges.

My Opinion: I really impressed with this tinted Moisturizer. I like the coverage, I wish it had more coverage but its ideal for summer, its light and I feel like my skin is breathing and I don’t have heavy foundation on that glides off in the hot summer heat.

Fancy looking liquid foundation that moisturized and covers at the same time, best believe it!

PIC of the liquid foundation.......

I love looking at this bottle its looks so fancy and its fun to pump. I’ll admit that’s the only reason I wanted to try this product is because of those little foundation bubbles in some liquid!

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- Moisturizer and foundation all in one
- Skin feels light while wearing it
- Site has good color selection
- Small and convenient to use
- Interesting to look at

- Medium coverage
- More than 2 pumps needed for better coverage

My Opinion: the product itself is very attractive and the pump is very convenient to use. I wish it was full coverage then the product would be priceless and I wouldn’t ever purchase any other foundation in this world!

This products is my mom’s favorite she loves it soooo much, only because of her I chosen to try it, she bagged about how it’s her secret magic cloth. I didn’t believe her until I tried it myself.

Pic of the Cloth............

Site Claims:

How To Use:

- come on its PINK =)
- Easy to use
- Removes make up
- No need for heavy rake up remover
- Gentle on eye area
- Removes make up if no time


- $ USDS
- $ USDS
- $ USDS

Will Purchase Again? YES YES YES

My opinion: I love this product! It’s so easy to use and it’s so simple. I don’t use heavy makeup removers or skin exfoliater daily like I use to anymore, because this product does it all with one single use. I use it twice a day morning to wash off the oil that was produced while sleeping I just wet the cloth with no face products and wash the oils off…night time I add any desired face wash or face scrub like St. Ives Microdemabraison (Click HERE for the review) and wash of all my make up of including mascara. This is my MUST tool to have.


I am so happy that my mom found this website and recommended to me to try. They not CHEAP, but they are very AFFORDABLE.

To purchase
- click HERE
- 15 click HERE
- Magic Mitt HERE

I want to thank _________ for sending me these products to try.

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