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Smaller is Not Always Better
In Reality Size Doesn’t Matter, It’s How You Show Off Your Style.
Since I was younger I was always the tallest one among my friends and always the chubbier one, till this day most of my friends are skinny and most of them are short. I’ve always felt BIG and unattractive, I wanted to buy clothes their sizes when we were going shopping together, because I felt so upset about my body size and I wanted to show off that I can fit in the same size outfits too. I will admit I was doing that for a while until I realized I never wore those small size clothes that I purchased, they would always go to donation. The clothes were not so expensive, the point is that it’s still waste of money that back then was a LOT of $$$ for me.
About two years ago I said NO MORE--- STOP IT Katherine, you just making yourself feel bad about your body size because none of the clothes you buy fit you the right way and you stuck wearing things over and over that do fit you. I am GLAD I did, I am GLAD I made the CHANGE. I now buy things that are exactly my size of little bit bigger, because I do like the loose fit of some of my clothes.
The reason I want to blog about this topic is because more and more people I see dress them self’s in clothes that are much smaller sizes that they are. Its unattractive and its nothing to laugh about. I am not here to judge anyone, because I’ve been there done that and grew out of it. I didn’t have no on to tell me Katherine don’t waste money on smaller size clothes or you look ridiculous when you wear clothes smaller size it makes your body look abnormal. (I am not going to lie my mom and dad always told me about that, but I was a teenager, who really listens parents opinion and advice when they are a teen? Come on lets be real)
I am writing this blog to share my experience and opinion about buying clothes that are too small for their body size, no matter how big or small they are. I know the media is the BIG reason why people go extreme ways to lose weight and buy clothes that are in style right this moment. Most of the latest styles are made for skinny body type, and it’s hard to find stylish clothes for females that are on the curvier side. The need to buy smaller size clothes to feel better about yourself is the worst things you can do to yourself, it’s all in your mind girls. Don’t think that smaller clothes make them look slimmer. Don’t let your mind control you so much.
No matter what’s the latest style you wear it won’t ever look good on you if its way to tight and you see fat handing out. It’s so unattractive and so unpleasant to look at, no matter how IN STYLE it is.

Picture of FAT hanging out
Here are so TIPS I live buy when purchasing clothes
• Shop your closet first, check out all the things you have in your closet that are small and throw them away, and what fits your body right keep it.
• Browse online and check out your favorite celebrities or blogs to get idea of some style that you would like to try.
• Search online stores that you shop at to see what they have before going to their stores.
• NEVER by online unless you can return at the store that is located close to your house.
• When in fitting room bring camera and take a picture of yourself from different angles to see it from the side how the outfit looks on you. (Make sure to take the flash off so no one will know that you taking pictures, some stores do not allow pictures inside)
• When at the store make sure to take clothes your size and one size bigger, you should try the larger size before the smaller size.
• Make sure to check the material the clothes is made from, a lot of clothes shrink really fast you don’t want to purchase something your size and after one wash you will see that its too tight on you.
• Wash most of your clothes in cold to warm water. There are special detergents that work in cold water like “Tide” Cold Water. It saves you money also!
• Let your outfits air dry, don’t dry in drier machine it shrink most of your clothes with in minutes.

You can always spice up your outfits by wearing cute jewelry it adds special touch to any outfits and it can never shrink or be too tight on you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know any TIPS that you have when it comes to dressing up your body type.

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