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How to De-Frizz Hair in a Flash

1:12 AM Katherine H 1 Comments

We All AGREE that FRIZZE hair is NOT FABULOUS......


I live when my hair is curly, I used to style my hair almost everyday, until I removed my black hair color and because of the bleach my hair just took 360 degrees.

I didn't know what to do with my hair, my only option was to wear it in a bun until it grew out and cut it. Until recently about less then a month ago I tried a hair product that I am sooo thankful for.

"John Frieda-Root Awakening Strength Restoring Styling Gel"

I can Proudly say (with a relieve) I am so happy to have much more manageable hair, in the video below you will see what else I use to help my hair to stay smooth and have less frizz.

***CLOSE UP***


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Saimese said...

Wow, your curls look AMAZING