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Color My World [My Favorite DrugStore Eye Shadows]

10:23 PM Katherine H 5 Comments


I know I haven't filmed a video in over a month, I've been so busy and my house is all upside down because since I got back from my Month long vocation, I got back in time to start school and since then it took over my life. I come home to sleep only. I am not complaining I love every minute of my life, I just miss filming, editing and then reading all your sweet comments!! 

I wanted to post this post with my latest video and say that I'm trying my best to get back on track...give me some time to get with the schedule!!!!


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Low Chic said...

I love M.A.C shadows, I think they are amazing!! You have a lot, I love the colours =)

t said...

Cool post!

Wow a great time to be away for a month! Hope everything gets back to normal soon.

Love the eye-shadow's

thanks for stopping by, I'm your newest follower ;)

Catanya said...

Great vid! And really helpful!

ylenia said...

nice blog! following you now =)