My Every Day Life

My Calm Mornings....

2:08 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

Every moment is your opportunity to live more fully than you've ever lived before.

I am a person who loves to wake up slowly and calm. I barely get to do that... When I do get  a chance to wake up in total peace this is what I do.....

Keylana: Because she is my everything!


Shower: Fresh&Clean

Coffee: I need toooooo

Music: Calming

Checking E-Mails: Comments, Messages, Tweets...etc 

Beach: With My LiL One 


Blogs: To name the few... [ Enjoying the Small Things - New York State of Mind - Dulce Candy ] ...etc.

My YouTube: TheBeautyInMe3

Cooking: Check Out My Cooking Posts HERE


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Jeeda said...

I love those days when there is nothing on the calendar and you can make it all about "you". Great post!