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How To Shop Safely & On A Budget On E-Bay

1:57 AM Katherine H 0 Comments


It is 1:48AM and I am just about to go to bed. I have to wake up at 7:30AM. I spend most of my evening finding a formatting program to format ThanksGiving pictures I took, because my camera for some reason decided to change the pictures format which my computers don't accept. How NOT cool...

Anyway I ended up finding a good converting program and in the end I uploaded a different video than I originally wanted to upload. ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ON THIS ONE? I know I sound very confusing, but its so late so bare with me. 

Keylana is laying next to me and looking at me like "Mommy lets go to sleep!" How cute is she? I hope you guys enjoy the video I did for you guys. I love E-Bay for the prices you can get things, but like in life you have to be cautious and pay attention when you place a bid or purchase anything. In the video i let you guys know my TIPS on shopping SAFE on E-Bay. If you have any TIPS your self I would LOVE to hear them and use them!!!


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