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I am typing this post I am listening to the Song "DANCE FOR YOU" I cant I love that song its sooo SEXYYY. Ladies it's perfect to re-created the dance for your other half!!! 

Since I am not gonna film re-created dance from the video, I re-created the Hair Tutorial! I was so inspired, her hair was so perfect. I hope you guys like my Inspired Hair Tutorial.  I love love love Beyonce Videos they are so original and just perfect! Do you guys get it yet? I adore Beyonce for her beauty and talent! This hair would be perfect for the upcoming holidays!

I wish YOUTUBE would allow to use the ORIGINAL song, it would be perfect for the tutorial, but ohh well. I think the music I added is also good. I hope you like the video.....Make sure to WATCH in HD for better quality! 

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Lisa said...

Looove that song! Glad I found your blog! :)