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Real Talk: Episode #3 "Operation Christmas Child"

2:14 PM Katherine H 5 Comments

Let's Catch Up....On What We Missed.

Yes, I am still sick. the flu is slowly going away. I had to take half the day off, because I don't want to go outside and get ever more sick. My significant other calls me a WORK-A-HOLIC. Even though I am not phisically going outside to get to my destination and perform my duties there. I work from home at home. I dont rest at all, I sleep and think of what I have to do when I wake up. I woke up today around 9AM and since then I've been working on something, finishing to do lists, cleaning, organizing, preparing, reading, writing, calling...etc. You get the point?! 

I wanted to post this post with a NEW Real Talk Video Episode #3, I have to say i like filming these little videos. They are quick and lets you guys know me little by little. 

My weekend was nothing special, I spend my Saturday and Sunday cleaning out my computer, going through so many pictures and videos. Ohh boyy I have tooo many pictures. I take pictures of everything. Duhhh. I found this cool program that finds double files ( You know sometimes you save something under one name in two different places & forget about it. Well that's me. So this program finds those double files and lets you delete the extra copy. Let me tell ya how much more space I have now...CNET Download and seach for "Double File remover" I read reviews and downloaded the one that sounded good based or review. 

I have so many video ideas to film, so stay tuned. Lots of product review & tutorials!

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Oh goodness I have to check that out I so need any extra space I can get on my computer :)

love love love!
so following you

HeyDahye said...

Great blog post!!

Hahaha - I take so much pictures as well and have no place to store them these days. I hope you get better soon from the flu. Have a great weekend.

YES - buy an envelope clutch, it's awesome ;)

Sassi said...

great video hun!