Preparing For Holidays

11:13 PM Katherine H 4 Comments

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.

"I missed you!!!!"

I've been so busy lately, (Very THANKFUL&GRATEFUL)\

How is your Christmas Shopping going? Don't let me started on that topic. But I will tell you this. This year I decided not to stress, because some of the stuff I will be giving was bought through out the year!!!!! YEP, this saved me from running around in stores buying what ever catches my eyes, saved me from long, long, long [talking about BAD economy] lines at stores, and all that time wasted. I just got few things today and my list is DONE! I also asked everything what they wanted, this is so much easier and everyone is happy because they will get what they not only want but also need. SMART RIGHT!!!!

I HOPE you ENTERED my HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY [Ending January 15th] Don't ask me, but I picked that date!

So.... in the mean time I wanted to share with you Keylana's AFTER MATH of BATHING!
[she is no walking around the warm&cozy room sniffing stuff, ohh puppies....we will never understand you....]

I snap some pictures while she was drying herself, yep she is a big girl now....I remember those days when I had to hold her in my hands and dry her, she all grown up now. She is my JOY. After drying we[KEYLANA, I was in PJ's all over the floor trying to be a mommyphotog] got dressed&took some Holiday Pictures are Christmas Tree.


Its now 10:57PM and I am soon going to bed, enjoy the pictures and to let you guys know of whats coming up next in future posts....

Cleaning My Face Brushes
Fake Bake winter Glowing Skin (Product Review)
My FAMOUS Honey Marinated Chechen
Outfit Posts
Winter Favorites
Nail Care Necessaries
...and many more!

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That's what I did too. I started buying Christmas presents over the Summer! Now I just worry about what to make for Christmas Eve dinner :)

Your dog is super adorable!

Jen said...

Doggy is so cute ^^ haha I only bought christmas presents recently.. i'm such a slacker! i need to learn from you!

Yolandaas said...

thanks for the sweet comment.. love the xmassy pictures especially of the cute dog.. x

So in love with your puppy