Adorable Version Of Shrek

2:19 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Love, without concern over whether you'll be loved in return. You will be. You are.

I cant get over how CUTE this PJ's is. Back in a day, especially in Russia, you would never see a dog wearing any kind of outfit. Here in USA the outfits for dogs are the cutest.

I've been on a HUNT for a cute PJ's for Keylana and FINALLY I found one. When I put it on  I said "....OMG You look like the most adorable version on SHREK"

BTW, did you guys notice, Keylana has taken over my blog....You see more of her then me, maybe Keylana should start her own blog?  :)


I hope all of yo have a GREAT start to the week!!!



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