Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro

7:49 PM Katherine H 4 Comments

Before making a life changing decision THINK hard&do soul searching, to see if you are making the right decision!

I am very very OPINIONATED!!! I think you guys know, so i recently heard the song by Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro. It was going good, until Astro came in and started to rapping or what ever he was going. To my view he messed up the who end of the song. 

This is a different song, because usually its the male singing to the female I WANT YOU BACK, but tables turned and its the female wanting the man back. I think its a great song all together the beat&lyrics, but Astro-got to go. I am going to try to find the song with out him so I can enjoy the sing with out him. 

I am not saying he is bad rapper or w.e that he claims to be, but this song is good with out him. 

P.S. Did I mention I think she is freaking GORGEOUS!!! 

I found just the audio of the song with out the video and with out Astro...HEAR THE DIFFERENCE!!! 


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Anonymous said...

hay cherl I am a biggest fan of you i realy wont to see you for real life
and just to tell you my name is michelle

Anonymous said...

my friend precious said that u came to her house and i wont you to come to my house i live 439 bemount ley lanes

Anonymous said...

am just joking but u did come to her house please write back michelle

Anonymous said...

i am tierd come to my house wait are you cherl lloyed because i wont cherl to come to my house 439 bemount ley lanes