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EcoTools Kabuki Brush Review

4:04 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

The Right Face Brushes Will Make A HUGE Difference, In How Your Make Up Looks/Stays On Your GORGEOUS Face!

Back few months ago (almost a year) I blogged about a ECOTOOLS Beauty promotion. Read HERE all about it. I hope they are doing it this year again. I Finally purchased two products from ECOTOOLS. One will be blogged today and the next next post! I love my Sigma brushes and use the two years later DAILY, since I was able to try this for free why now!!!???

Packaging: Neat 

Price: I got mine at Bed Bath&Beyond for FREE (Click HERE so you can see why&can also) 
Its Around $8.00 USD 
( Drugstores like Walgreens sell it for more)


Quality: I must say I am IMPRESSED! The only down side is that the brush handle will over time get dark from touching it (Even with clean hands, make up could get on it by accident) I am being very careful not to get any make up on the handle. I am such OCD.


Results: Its super soft, I use this to blend/give finish touches on my foundation and powder! Some days I use this just to apply my translucent powder. It gives such a great finish.


Washing&Drying: I washed this brush 3 times, its easy to wash and it dries over night around 5 hours! 

OverAll Impression/Rating: Photobucket


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