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L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara Clean Definition Review

4:53 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Why settle for less when you deserve the best?

During the past 6 months something changed.

I have tried 4 different MASCARAS! Never in my life I have done so, I am not sure why. I think I realized that a right mascara can make a HUGE difference in my look. I seen Adrienne Loof. From the Read Housewifes Of Beverly Hills, Tweet that she loves "L'Oreal Paris Telescopic  Mascara Clean Definition" ( I adore her, so I trusted her view/opinion and gave this mascara a try.


Packaging: Neat and easy to use.

 Consistency: Just Perfent. Not to wet and not to dry.
Results: It doesn't clump like other mascaras do, I apply two coats and some eye lashes to stick together, but I use a eye lash brush to comb it out and its a go. My eye lashes are FULLER&LONGER, but not like I am wearing false eye lashes. It does flake a little by I only experience that after 12 hours of wear and also after I would rub my eyes. Over all I like this mascara and its a diffidently on my FAVORITES list this year so far. But this doesn't mean I have stopped searching for "THE PERFECT" mascaras!


Price: I got mine at Bed Bath&Beyond for $ 7.00 USD 
( Drugstores like Walgreens sell it for more)


OverAll Impression/Rating: Photobucket


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