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Hey my loves

I have never did a nail tutorial EVER! Its been almost 3 years since I started filming video on YOUTUBE and I have never filmed STEP BY STEP tutorial on how I do my nails. I Posted pictures and Tweeter my nail designs and stuff and got tons of E-mails asking me to do a tutorial.



I've been doing my own nails since I was about 14 years old. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and my mommy and daddy didn't give me the luxury of spending money on going to saloon and getting it professionally done.

Ones I started working at age 16 I did go couple of times to get mini done and TIPS, but I came to conclusion that it adds up to so much money over the year that I could use that money to do something else with it. After coming to that conclusion I went back to the saloon to get my nails done couple more times, just to see the steps on how to do my own nails (EVEN TIPS) almost a decade later I am still doing my own nails.

Yes, first couple of times I hated the outcome, but I didn't give up. I knew with practice I will get better. Yes I am not PERFECT, but I am getting there.

Thanks to YOUTUBE I am able to share with you step by step how I learned from the PROS. to do my nails.

(I STILL go to PROS. to get my pedicure done)

Watch this video, I teach you how to do you own nails and SAVE $$$

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