Weekend Happiness

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Its the weekend!!!!

I have so much to do, so many things on my TO DO LIST to finish. But one thing I was indulging it is sleeping in. I woke up two hours ago. Me&Keylana&Dina slept in bed until the puppies started to play and woke me up. 

Anyway, I was thinking what to blog about and I noticed I haven't posted any inspirational/motivational post. Since its a weekend and I wanted to share with you few TIPS how to enjoy your weekend to the fullest with out having to spend $$$

1. Make up the time you want to wake up (If you wake up early, then you will have a longer day to enjoy)
2. Make your own breakfast, if you don't cook then go out alone and have a morning breakfast date with your self.
3. If you love watching YOUTUBE&BLOG then take some time aside to brows and check out not only FASHION&MAKEUP videos&posts, but also check out inspirational blogs, that talk about happiness, love, life,richness and all that motivating stuff. 
4. If you have a TO DO LIST, make sure you finish by Friday, if you cant (lets get real most of us cant fit everything in 5 days) finish it early in the morning (Like I said in # 1 if you wake up early you can finish TO DO list early and then you can follow all of the other things I am mentioning. 
5. Take a walk (If you have a puppy/dog then walk with them), If you live by the beach then its a amazing thing because it clean air and its refreshing. If its raining then open up windows in your house and just zoom out and listen to the sound of the rain. 
6. If cleaning makes you happy or organizing, then do so. while you doing it play a slow music that makes you relax, no words in it, just instrumental sounds. You can find so many nice songs on YOUTUBE just search: Relaxing Instrumental Songs (P.S. I am listening to one right now) Make a play list so you wont always shave to search for the songs and if can play one after another.
7. If you have a animal, even a fish take few moments out of your day to just talk to them, I know I sound kinda crazy, but its a relaxing thing ever. Animals wont talk back to you, they will just listen and you can pour your heart out and after wards feel better.
8. take time to Exercise. Since Keylana came into my life, I have to cancel my membership at the gym because not only I didn't have time to go due to other personal things, but I had Keylana to look after and me and her would take walks and if its raining or snowing I would put on a music and dance and play together with her with her toys. Not only its a great exercise for the dog but its a great exercise for me. 
9. Anytime of the year I would choose staying in and cooking for the loved ones. I do get lazy and go out to eat, but to me spending time in the kitchen makes me so happy, its like a joy cooking and then having loved one taste it, I feel like I won something big. It never gets old.
10. Read. Okey I confess, its hard for me to bring myself to read, because I have to read so much stuff that I don't like for school. But I've recently finished Kyle Richards' Book “Life Is Not a Reality Show” in one week. I have never ever finished a book in one week. I wasn't able to put it down. I love to read books that will motivate me and make me happy and make me think on things that better my life and me as as an individual. 
 These are my 10 things that I swear by that make me happy. There are more, but for now in this post I want to share the TOP ones. Baby Steps. I've came a long way to realize&understanding order to be happy you need to re-evaluate your life and that means to think long and hard and let go of things that truly don't make you happy. Even if it means to have one friend and other ones just people you know, then let it be. I have two childhood friend that I consider them to be even though we met when I was 17, still to me they are childhood friends, we may not talk everyday or see each other everyday, but we know we can always count on each other, I have my family which is the most important thing ever. Make sure that you cherish your family. I know there are different types of family and you may not get along, this is where friends that are more then just friends they are family comes into play.

Everything happens for a reason. Live the life you want and love the life you life. Every minute is a minute that you can make unforgettable.


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