Cleaning YOUR LIFE....

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   Discipline is nothing more than desire that has become smart and has learned what works.

I know first hand how hard it is to let things go or people. I had to learn the hard way. But  if you are stuck in a position where you are not moving with your life no matter what you try. It can be two things that stopping you from it THINGS&PEOPLE. I know its hard to imagine that THINGS can stop you from moving on, but in reality, yes they do. If your home is cluttered even if your room is a mess, you stopping the good evergy from entering your place and moving around. I know I sound crazy right now. I am giving you a visual that most people dont see. So get down to it and clean your home and throw away things that you will never use, donate things that you think will help someone else, if money is fine, then buy a new thing instead of something old. 
Bring things that will re-fresh your home, like flowers, open up windows, let the air and sun reys in, mop floors, voccume, do your bed, dust.....etc.
You will be amazed at the feeling you will have after! 

Now lets get down to people! Oh boy, this is the hardest one. I am a person who loves to be around people. I love communication&socializing. Over the years I've learned that not everyone have good intention when they become your friend. I've welcomed everyone with open arms and helped out to a point that I felt like i was their mother. How I was wrong, it was the matter of time, until it came and stab me in the back. I learned the hard way how to test people before letting them in my life and never being no ones mother! 

Its sad to say that 99.99% of people you cant trust at all, they become friends with you, because they get something out you. Ones they get it, they are done. I had so many incidences like this, that one day I sat down and I mentally sort of all the benefits of being friends with these people and all the cons. Let me tell you cons WON over. I politely removed myself from that friendships. It hurtsme at first, I was upset over loosing a friend, but then again if they weight me down what kind friends are those? 

I realized that everyone is out to get your own, I knew that all along, but I though I wont have friends like that! I am out to get my own to, dont get me wrong, but i would still give my best to my friends. Its always going to be like that. This is the person I am and always will be. God gave me this personality and I LOVE IT. I am not a fake person and I say it like it is! 

If you stuck with so many friends and you see you cant trust no one re-evaluate your friendships! Even if you left with one friend, its better to be with that one person, but you will be sure that they are loyal to you as you are to them.
No matter what yyou going to clean out of your life, remember!!!!


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