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Good Afternoon my dear readers, Its so gloomy out. i kinda like it today, because I am staying home all day and working from home. Maybe later on if it wont rain me and Keylana will take a walk.

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Its not always easy as 123 to find a blogger or Youtube guru, that you can read or watch non stop. But its ever harder to find one that will respond to her followers. I noticed the people who get big and have a lot of followers don't respond to any comment or tweets, they thank them all in one sentence. For me when I remember I had one subscriber I answered, now I have over 1500 combined from YT and Blogg. I get e-mails, comment, tweets, and guess what i find time to respond to each and every single one of them. Why? Because I care. They are the reason I started this blog and YT. To give ideas, tips, suggestions...etc. So its hard to find a person you can trust with their review and the one that will communicate with you.

 For about a month I've been reading non stop a new blog. I have no idea, I cant remember how I found it, but I am so glad I did. The blog name is The Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables. How gorgeous is the name? She blogs about the Luxurious things in life anything from, Style Inspiration, recommendations, recipe, style & decor, inspiration & why not?, money, too book reviews. I read it daily, I got so many tips about money topics and how to simply enjoy my life. The things she writes is so easy to understand, reading through her blog is a breeze. She also posts such inspiring and not your everyday pictures. This is what inspired me to post the picture in this post! She also has guest blogger come in and post a post, so there is always some different posts and ideas and topics.When I go to her blog, I just feel a sense of great energy. I am a very spiritual person, so I feel the energy on the bloggers when I check out different blogs. This is why I love to go to Shannon's blog, especially in the morning while I am on my way somewhere or if I am home on a lazy day (like I ever have one) then I read from my bed before with cup of coffee. I hope you get a chance to check her our, let me know via comment, email, twitter what you guys think! I am 100% you will love it!

I want to include this quote before I go, that I LOVE!

Be ready when opportunities present themselves. Throw yourself into your career with passion… embrace the challenges presented to you; ask the question that everyone is afraid to ask; be bold and be comfortable being wrong. Most importantly, stay true to yourself, keeping your two feet planted firmly on the ground.  And remember, life does not owe you a living, you have to actively live your life."

P.S. This quote was taken from a YOUTUBE GURU, that I will talk about next week. 

This is not sponsored post, this is my own opinion.

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