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Jane By Design

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If you follow me on twitter you know that I've been obsessed with new ABC FAMILY TV show "Jane By Design" I have to say they poorly advertised it, because I found out about it a month ago and it first premiered Jan. 3,2012. I am just glad I came across it on another beauty blog.

The second I started to watch it I fell in love with it. Jane in the show is super stylish and just by watching the show you can get so many idea how to dress up for the party, work and school. Its fabulous show for everyone who loves fashion&beauty, especially YOUTUBE&BLOG community! We SHARE same PASSION!

I will say one thing, the shoe is very predictable. Just by watching beginning I know it will end on a good note. I need next season to be more daring, more risks, and leave me with a OMG factor. I think that's how the next season will be. YOU KNOW I AM WATCHING!

THERE are some episodes you can watch online or check your local TV listings for the times it re-run.

I also wanted to include the THEME SONG, I love it! Fits Perfectly!

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