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Kyle Richards "Life Is Not A Reality Show" Book Review

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 You got to fake it till you make it! -Kyle Richards
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I love watching "The real Housewifes of Beverly Hills" I dont wantch it for the arguments that they have, but for the houses that are just fabuulous and for the fashion. One charater thaat stood out was Kyle Richards. Their relationship with her hursband, beautiful kids, and cute dogs. There is just something there that makes her stand out from the rest of the croud.

I recently read her book "Life Is Not a Reality Show" 
I was in love! I love the book cover, its fabulous!!! I wasn't able to put it down at all, with my busy schedule if I had time to read the whole book in a week then you can too. I was sucked in to the book, from the first page. The first part of the book she talked about the relationship she has with her husband. JUICY and you can get her tips and tricks to spice up you relationship and fix  what needs to be fixed. I don't want to tell you what the whole book about, because its more interesting if you read it your self.  I skipped the sisters part of the book, because I don't have a sister and I wasn't too interested in that subject. @_@ I loved her quote, and I totally agree with it "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT" she said that in Beverly Hills you have to live by that quote. I kinda disagree, because THE HATERS are EVERYWHERE. Anywhere you life you have to fake it till you make it. I know you guys may not agree with my, but its true, YOU KNOW THAT!

Anyway, It s almost 70 degrees here in NY, me and Keylana slept in today. She didn't wake me up in the morning, so we woke up around 11AM. Thanks God, I did so many things today so my schedule today is empty. No its not, who 'em I kidding! I have only one thing to do, but its going to keep me busy all day long! Let me get into it and chat with you tomorrow!!!

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