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A friend is someone who is there for you rather then being anywhere else.

 I never ever done a post like this, but I think this will be something new and different! When I browse through other people blogs, I love when they rave&rate about a place they went out to eat or do something fun. So why not start it on my blog? I don't usually go out and eat, because I am a home body and there is nothing more special then cooking and especially for the ones I love. 

Anyway, enough with the love story. When even I do go out I usually go to places like Olive Garden, TGIF, Applebee's..etc. Places like that. Well i decided if I am going out I am going to a cute, funky, romantic, rock&roll places. (NOT AT ONES)

So I came across a little place ( When say little I MEAN little) Called "LA PAELLA" We went around 7PM and it was packed (YOU CAN MAKE RESERVATIONS) We went to the basement sat down and we were alone for about 20 minutes, then people came pouring in. LIKE CRAZY. When we were done and we were leaving I can assure you my booty ended up in some ones plate. It was so small and so many people. The decor was nice, nothing too crazy like "WOW" cozy&romantic.

Hours of operation: Mon-Tue-: 5pm-10:30pm Sun-Wed-Thu: Noon-11pm Fri-Sat: Noon-11:30pm
214 E 9th St, New York 10003
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave
Phone: 212-598-4321


Calamares Fritos/Fried Calamar- DELISH, mouth watering.


Pollo a la Parrilla/Chicken Breast grilled served with saffron rice- Good, nothing special

Basque/Smoked salmon, asparagus, and lemon dressing- Salmon was so delicious, grilled and it was crispy!


Sangria- It was delicious, the place if so tiny. I don't like tiny places I feel claustrophobic and I didn't want think to snap pictures of more things, because one it was packed and two we were hungry!

OVER-ALL: We first though, we not going to be full with the portions they served. But let me tell you, I love this place for serving just the right size or portions of food. We left happy and feeling good. I would definitely recommend for you to go there, but try to go there during the day or early evening before 6PM. Go to their website and read more about it and see the whole menu "LA PAELLA"

P.S. Right before we about to leave, a lady comes and sits next to me. She is small she had so much room, yet, she turns around and has nerve to tell me. "Take your bag down" I said i don't put my bag on the floor. I guess she didn't hear me so I had to repeat it again. Anyway, she didn't reply to me. She had so much room, its not enough for her that i had to move two jackets for her to sit, when there was so much room across from out table, but she wanted to sit next to us. No miss I AM NOT moving y bag especially on the floor, that is so nasty. How dare she tell me what to do, at least ask politely, I would maybe put it on the lap or something. Ohhh, stories I tell ya!


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