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You are what you eat!

I am frugal. Just telling you in case you didn't know. I travel a lot and many times I leave my house at 9AM and come back around 9PM or 10PM. During that time you might ask do you constantly eat out? The answer is no. Didn't I tell you I am frugal female.

I take my time in the morning, to make a sandwich for myself. I tweeeted many times, what I am eating during my lunch and I got few e-mails asking me to share what I take on the go. If I was eating out even in fast food places, I would spend around $40 a week. Do you know what I can do with $40? At this moment I can tell you 400 things I can do with that, but this is not the main point of the post. Maybe later.

I cook all the time, but if I am lazy or just didn't have time to cook and make a sandwich I will do go and buy food outside. Places that I go are....

SUBWAY- Whole Wheat or Flat bread, Veggie Patty, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Jalapenos Peppers, Honey Mustard.

McDonalds- South Western Salad with Honey Mustard.

Dunkin Donuts- Tuna Salad On Whole Wheat Bagel ( I also get their flavored coffee)

(These are just 3 places, I always go when I am on the go, and trust if I say that's the only I get I really do)

So, now let me show you the typical&nutritious sandwich I make home a lot of times.....


In my house, we don't accept white bread, its always whole wheat or whole grain

Cole Slaw, I am craving it now.

Eggs fill you up and a great source of A&D

Put it in aluminum foil and put in a plastic bag

I love veggies, i need something like tomatoes or cucumbers to complete my lunch. 

***I usually would go to DD and get coffee, cold or hot. and That's it that is my frugal lunch to you!

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