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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

How you guys this tittle? Too much? I don't think do! Its DARING!!

Few days ago, I did my own nails, and I love how the combination turned out. Its lovely. Works great together. I also played with some photo editing software that I had since I was about 13 years old, I must say this was a fun little post to do! Enjoy, I hope you guys try this combo.


I get my supplies from 88BeautySupply 
Rhinestones from E-Bay



I don't know I didn't use this software before years ago. Its been laying around for over 5 years! I am glad I found it, now I can put some special effects into my photos. As you can see in this post I over did each photo. I got too excited! I promise I will be better next post! 
I am looking to re-ramp my blog, meaning get a new layout and template. I've been looking around, but no luck. The prices some people charge to make one is toooo much, tooo much, did I tell you its too much? It's like a rip off, yeah it takes time, but not over $100. I am not asking for a TOP NOTCH design. Simple, Clean, Elegant, Easy to use. That's it. 
I hope all of you are having great Tuesday&great week so far. Its 12:50PM and I've woke up (thanks to my fam. at 8AM) then went to sleep till 11AM. (I don't like doing that) woke up with a headache. Now its going away. Since it rained in the morning and now its just cloudy, me and Keylana probably going to take a walk, a nice walk always a good thing to relax&calm down, its also great for over all health! 

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