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I am probably the #1 person who know what its like to go through stress.

Okey, let me stop exaggerating. We all stress, in some ways stress is good. For example when you are about to get on a roller coaster, doing a presentation in front of a group, planning a wedding or any kind of event....this is what good stress is!


Many of us have the bad stress, which involves being worried. I want to share one technique with you that I do on daily basis. (Yes, stress is hard to avoid) but you can make it much easier on yourself.  This will take you one minute (you can do it longer)


You see this picture above? Imagine it and even better, visualize yourself there are how relaxed you are. You may never visit that place, but that second that you visualize yourself there you will ease the tension of your stress. I am not saying this is a miracle technique (if it was I would be famous) but this is a way that you ease your brain and bring down your stress level. It may not go away completely, but I guarantee you, you will feel much better.

Don't care about the picture that above, then that's fine. Use your own imagination and picture what you want, that gorgeous dress, your bf-fiance-husband, your puppy, your kids, summer, winter, basically what makes you SMILE. picture that and hold it in your view for few minutes and let go.

I've done this millions of times. I will say, it doesn't always work. I am stressed time to time to a point where not even imagining those FABULOUS shoes I want wont help. This is when you need to sit back and breath, re-evaluate the situation. I think of what would someone else would, who had good outcome, and what I can use from them as an example.

I hope you guys get what I am saying, this is truly a life saver for me.

Remember, few hours or few months from now what you are stressing about might not even matter and you will laugh at your self and ask "Why did I even stress?"

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