DIY BRUSH-GUARDS [How to Store and Protect Your Make-Up Brushes]

1:23 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Its such a gloomy day today, its perfect to be home and catch up on my blog posts, e-mails, comments...etc. 

I dont know about you, but I love everything to be clean and neat. I have diagnosed myself with mild OCD. I travel time to time and even if I sleep over someones house I bring more stuff then I need. My make up bag is always with me when I know I will be staying over somewhere else. I used to put my make up brushes into a ziplock bag, but I never liked that. 

I googles brush guards and one company wanted $10 for 6 Brush-Guards, I said ....Yeah Okey


I went on E-Bay and typed in "Brush Guards" and got mine for $1 with FREE shipping, that's savings of $5, for a frugal person like me its MUSIC TO MY EARS!!

Below you will see STEP BY STEP PICTURES and ALSO VIDEO.


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