Mother's Day Bliss (Lets Catch Up)

12:18 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

Its seriously has been almost a month since my last post. How crazy is this, time flies.

I've been so busy. 

Its 11:48PM I am sitting on my couch brainstorming new posts and YT videos ideas. I got a cute new pink NoteBook to write down all of my ideas when i am on  the go.

I KNOW I KNOW, why dont I use my phone. I am old school and I love writing. (I havent written  anything long by hand in abpout 3 months, yestarday I had to write by hand and as crazy at it sounds it wasnt easy. technology is really taking over our lives.)

I don't know if I told you guys, but I love this new Blogger Layout, its so clean and nice. I've been shopping around for a new blog layout design and let me tell ya, the $$$ they want to change, is wayyyy tooo muchhhhh. Ill stick to doing it myself for now.

This post is so random, but I just feel like talking and expresing myself.

Below you guys can see the latest pictures of my JellyBean, isn't she cute. 
Also few pictures from Mothers Day, I was such a great day I spend with my family.

IMG_9724  IMG_9734






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