Khloe and Kim Kardashian Black and White Maxi Dress

9:44 AM Katherine H 3 Comments

I seen this dress on Khloe couple of weeks ago and I am in love! Then Kim wore it, and I am like too tight, not for me. Then I compared the pictures together side by side from different angles and they are two different dresses! Kims is from their line on QVC and Khloe from DASH store. 

I love Khloe dress more, I love how flared out it is at the bottom and let me tell you it snot that cute on Kim with the dress so tight!!! 

I did some research online and I found the dress for $45.00 USD, (CLICK HERE) but i dont think its like Khloe its not tight like Kims. I hate ordering online, I have had the owrst experience ordering online. I just wanted to share with you, but Ill be on a look out in stores I visit!!!



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Love the dress on Khloe the best!!! I need this dress:)


Johnnybell said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.. Love this post,keep up the good work.

dorannedoll said...

Love this dress! They both rocked it well! Pls check out my log whenever you can