Protection In The Sun - What To Do When You Get A SunBurn

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Protect Now For The Future


We heard this so many times, USE SPF!! We get it, well some don't! I am the victim of couple of sunburns. We all at some point in time will get a sun burn, so let me tell you how I cope with mine!

First day you get burned:
-Apply sour cream on your body. Yes sour cream. It gives your skin cool effect and cools down your burn.
- Take cool showers. Don't take HOT showers because that will only increase your body temperature and you need to cool your body temperature.
- Drink lots of cold water. Your body needs lots of H2O
- Wear loose clothing which means no jeans or anything hot and tight.

Day two:
- Repeat all of the things like day one during the day
- At night wash your body with soft was cloth and body lotion for dry skin. Your need to moisturize your skin as much as possible
- Apply thick moisturizing lotion and let dry

Day three:
-Repeat previous day and until your skin starts getting better and the burn will be gone
- Most likely you will start peeling. Try not to pear the skin that is can leave scars.

 ITS SIMPLE! BUT PLEASE USE SPF, even when you run errands! 


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