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For a while I've been thinking to show you guys my every day life, but I was hesitant! I make much of my life open by doing youtube videos. I though that giving you even more would be TOO MUCH! 

But then one night, i was looking back at some old videos clips I filmed and I was so happy that I have those moment on video, pictures is one thing, but video is another. I watch religiously Judy&Bengi on YOUTUBE and I love it! So I dicided to do the same, I got asked couple of times to do vlogs and share my life outside of beauty channel! 


I made first videos private, but then i realized making each video private is too much work, so let it be it. Its open for everyone to watch!!!

I hope you guys like it!!!!

P.S. I am thinking to create a page here on my blog where all the vlogs will be in order! It will take some time, but I think its worth it!!!!

SOOOO now, I introduce you to......THEBEAUTYINME3TV (Click on the name and you can watch my everyday life) 


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