Christmas Music PlayList

12:57 PM Katherine H 1 Comments

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of the year!!!

After Thanksgiving I turn on my Christmas music and it bring such joy to my heart. I know I sound like a dork, but those are the things in life that count the most. I listen to Christmas music while cooking, cleaning, getting ready and such. 

I love Christmas and everything that it brings. I love the process of decorating and lit up Christmas tree. I am haven't put up the Christmas tree yet and its December 7th, I know I know. Some things are just out of my hand. If it was up to me, then my Christmas Tree would be up next day after Thanksgiving. 

Any who, Below I shared with you guys my favorite Christmas Music Play List. Notice how I have the playlist in a shape of Christmas tree, it was so not intended. Each music page is over 1hr long, so there is about 5 hours if not more of Christmas music there, enjoy it all!


*Best Christmas Songs Playlist *

**3 Hour Medley of Christmas Songs **

***The Beach Boys - Christmas Songs***

****Andrea Bocelli -Christmas songs with photos for relaxing****

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I also love this season &I love to decorate my place from inside & out

What happened to your twitter are you still on twitter? I miss watching your reviews & your cute dog