GoodBye 2012...Thank You

7:33 PM Katherine H 0 Comments

Hey guys, its almost 8PM on New Years Eve and I decided to write a post to thank 2012! It's been a great year. With all ups and down's its still has been a good year for me!
I am very thankful for the things I've learned throughout the whole year. I am thankful for the people I've met and the people I let go. I am glad for the things i was able to purchase and throw away! Thank You 2012 for being a happy and healthy year! Life is full of surprises good and bad, I sure did have both of it. I wont complain about the not so good things that had happen to me, because they all though me a valuable lessons! Lessons that I've leaned from and will keep in mind! 

I hope all of you are having a great New Years Eve, I am celebrating it with my blood family. Grandmother cooked up a fiesta, I cant wait to taste it all! My cousin also did a great job on two traditional salads that are amazing! I am waiting to be stuffed and go to bed after welcoming a new year!

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